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5 Apps to take more original photos with your mobile

Apps to take more original photos theforbiz

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If you are a free spirit and take advantage of the possibilities of your smartphone to take creative snapshots, these original photography apps will allow you to get out of the usual and scan new horizons.

Although professional and amateur photographers continue to opt for the camera, the smartphone has become our era in a fun and sophisticated device with which to play with the opportunities offered by the image. Social networks like Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest, better quality cameras and editing applications for all tastes define a reality in which, if you want to have fun, you will find fantastic tools with which to do it.

If on other occasions we have given you tricks to improve your selfies, correct bad photos or find specialized blogs in the vast Internet universe, today we will shed some light so that you can edit photographs with the mobile in a more inspiring and original way. Check out the list and find your favorite.

Kuji Cam

Kuji Cam Theforbiz

If you are looking to edit your photographs so that the result is similar to an analog camera, Kuji Cam is your choice. This tool, which has a free and paid version, allows you to play with color and is characterized by a wide range of effects and filters. From its own editing panel you can retouch each image in a very intuitive and simple way, regulating and modifying each effect. You can take the image from within the app or edit one that you have filed in the gallery of your mobile,


VSCO Cam Theforbiz

Another big star is VSCO Cam, with a wide range of editing options that has made it one of the most popular editing tools of the Instagram era. Authentic and original filters, saturated, vintage, intense and soft, and all kinds of factors to correct, from exposure to contrast, make the app a sweet expert to have fun as an amateur photographer. In fact, you can try searching for creations categorized under the hashtag #vscocam.

Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma Photo Editor

If you are looking for a touch of the most creative, Prisma is an application that allows you to transform any normal photograph or selfie into an authentic work of art. To do this, he uses pictorial styles derived from such famous and varied works as paintings by Van Gogh, Picasso or Munch, Miyazaki films and much more. Thus, your images will transcend the plane of photography to become pictures or drawings made by you.

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Afterlight Theforbiz

Another great application with dozens of filters, textures and different and adjustable frames is Aferlight, in whose hashtag you can also dive to find millions of images shared on Instagram. One of its main differential advantages is the possibility of placing touches of color in only parts of the photo, in addition to including texts and playing with the control of light, saturation, shadows, and color curves. You can customize your own filter pack.


Nebi Theforbiz

Another application for the “old but modern”, vintage fans who want their images to appear taken in the eighties and nineties, or using an instant camera. Although it does not have too many effects, your images will be completely retro. They already accumulate more than one million downloads.



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