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Boys Long Sleeve T-Shirts for Cooler Weather

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If there is one type of clothing that your young men love, you know it’s their boy’s t-shirts. Comfortable and appropriate for most occasions, boys of all ages have their favorites. Younger boys like to keep warm in boys’ long sleeve t-shirts, but teenagers often do not like them. Some boys will wear cartoon characters late into their teens, while some will prefer tattoo-style designs and designer logos on their tees. Boy’s t-shirts and easy to find for any age t-shirt fan we offer our best Vlone shirts.

Most boys’ t-shirts are easy to take care of and can be treated for stains with high success. White tee shirts with printed designs can usually be washed with any load of white socks, undershirts, and linens. Colored tees can be washed with jeans, underwear, and other clothing. Some boy’s t-shirts shrink slightly in the wash, especially if hot water is used and if they are placed in a hot dryer. Even preshrunk shirts should be washed in cool to medium water and can be hung to dry if possible.

When air-dried, boy’s t-shirts are more likely to need to be ironed. Stains can be spot treated with even heavy cleaners and then washed in cool water. A white shirt can be bleached, but this weakens the fabric and is not often necessary. Wash tees inside out if they have a design that is heat set or painted to prevent damage.

Boy’s long sleeve t-shirts can cost from five to twenty-five United States dollars. When purchased online, the shipping is usually cheap, as the cotton fabric usually will not add much to the shipping weight. Look for boys’ t-shirts that are packaged with CD albums and items from a certain brand. They are often cheap in gift packages. Some shirts might also be on clearance for deep discounts.

Younger children have a tendency to get boys’ long sleeve t-shirts dirty quickly, especially if they tend to wipe their nose and mouth on the sleeves. White sleeves will pick up dirndl pencil smudges. While stains will almost always disappear if washed on cold water, they need to be treated as soon as they happen, or they might set. Avoid lighter colors and layer them with tank tops and undershirts so they could be removed if it becomes dirty or too warm.

Older boys around their teenage years often do not like long sleeve t-shirts. Many will prefer to wear short sleeves with a sweater or a hoodie. It is important to notice these preferences to avoid buying a t-shirt that he will not wear. Others will not wear childish cartoons, sayings, or certain bands on their tee shirts.

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Shopping for boy’s t-shirts means paying close attention to their interests. Many will only wear clothing similar to the style of their friends’ groups. Others will be perfectly happy to have brand names or well-known logos on their boy’s long sleeve Vlone hoodie. Shop wisely, and take good care of those t shirts, especially if their might be cherished in the future when they have been well worn.



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