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Is it advantageous to buy watches online?

The purchase and sale of watches on the internet is a booming business. Manufacturers, virtual stores and physical stores with a presence on the Internet have been faced with a very hard competition to capture the attention of the market.

So far what has been proven reliably is that the Internet is the best showcase for flexible and worldwide. The user has found the ideal means to know investigate and compare all kinds of models and features supplied by the watch industry.

One of the most controversial debates is whether the internet really provides price advantages for the purchase of a wristwatch. Definitely the opinions are varied although little by little the idea is established that it is not so much the monetary advantage that prevails as that of facilitating Buy Watch Online buying decisions.

I have been informed that all watch brands sell their models online. It is true?

No it’s not true. The most prestigious brands in world Watch making do not sell their watches online. The reasons are generally not reviewed but basically reduced to a few: brand prestige, protection of the sales channel against third parties, lack of contact with the end customer, not offering discounts that make it attractive against the traditional channel etc.

Tip: If you want to know if a watch brand sells its pieces online, access its official website, they usually review them if they do or allow it.

I have heard of the “gray market” What is this?

Gray market watchers are original watches; they are not imitations or fakes. The legal conclusion has been reached, at least in some countries, that this market, also common in other products, does not represent an illegal but irregular business.

Watch manufacturers only supply their parts to authorized sellers or distributors. To maintain the discounts that manufacturers make to sellers by volume of purchase or other reasons they must acquire a minimum number of pieces. When some sellers, with low sales volumes, fail to sell all purchased watches they “divert” them to unauthorized sellers who in turn put them up for sale with discounts.

This parallel market is called “gray market” and the important thing in it is to know the advantages and disadvantages for the buyer:

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As an essential advantage one could name discounts on official prices of between 30% and 40% and in some cases higher.

The main disadvantages are: Ignorance on the part of the buyer to be acquiring a watch of these characteristics with its consequent implicit deception. Refusal, by the official technical service, to take charge of repairs or maintenance under guarantee of a watch sold by an irregular sales channel. Unfair competition to the authorized seller. Possible damages to sales to third parties under guarantee etc.

There are different methods to know if a watch belongs to the gray market, the most important would be:

  1. Discounts on official or recommended prices above 20 or 25%.
  2. Absence of official guarantees or not sealed by an authorized distributor.
  3. Deletion of the serial number of the watch, therefore no evidence of its origin

In spite of all the above, the essential thing is that many buyers have no knowledge, due to a lack of information or due to a cover-up of the seller, that they are making a purchase that may represent a serious setback. Some sellers report the fact, leaving the buyer the option to carry out the transaction according to their interests.

Is there information on the Internet about the quality and honesty of virtual watch stores?

We have no record of it. There are virtual stores that for time on the network, opinions of satisfied users or membership in prestigious groups could be synonymous with secure purchases. Do not rely on the alleged opinions of users reviewed in the store itself; they are usually mere commercial strategies of the seller.

A Decalogue of good practices that can virtually guarantee a satisfactory purchase could be listed could be the following:

  • Worldwide recognized store.
  • If they sell gray market watches or are not authorized sellers, inform them conveniently.
  • High-quality web design, clear and concise.
  • Quick and well-organized after-sales service.
  • Varied and secure payment options. Make sure that the “sensitive” transactions are carried out on secure servers that encrypt your personal data. A closed padlock will appear in your browser indicating that it is before a server of this type.
  • A sample of quality is that the virtual store is adhered to some association or recognized establishment of good commercial practices. These usually mark some premises to the associated stores to ensure the quality of the site in various aspects.



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