Why Destination Weddings Are the Best?


In recent years, the trend of “going away to get married” has scaled and definitely, couples are loving vowing in their dream destination than the conventional ways of vowing for their partners. Besides those “travel goals”, you can actually be yourself. Here, the best reasons why destination weddings are the best. And if you dream the same, you can actually use these reasons to convince your special partner.

  • Half the guest lists – Definitely, half the list of guests, the lesser would be troubles. Well, the average number of guests at destination weddings remain around 50. When you choose a destination wedding over a traditional one, you are no longer bound with those “social obligations”. That’s something to be happy about.
  • A wedding becomes even easier – With no social obligation and less packing, the wedding ceremony becomes easier than you can imagine. In case, if you don’t want a bit of stress, you can choose an event planner who will make sure that everything gets done on time. You don’t have to be stressed about decorating your homes, keeping things arranged. Everything is so sorted in a destination wedding.
  • Extra Quality time – With the stretched period of two to three days, you have the opportunity to spend some quality time with your guests or loved ones. While the traditional marriages get over too quickly, offering you bare time to greet your guests.
  • Avoid decoration expense – Splurging money on decoration during the wedding ceremony is so common and with a destination wedding, you don’t have to spend on decoration. You know how the surreal location would look like and you know what to wear to look drop-dead gorgeous and you know how to pose with your partner for that “perfect picture”.
  • Relatively cheaper – There are many hotels and resorts in the world that offer you a complete wedding package. We know that your guests’ stay might come as another trouble but many hotels offer you a big discount which means, the entire wedding ceremony and other things will be taken care by the resort at a great price.

Cons –

There are two sides to a coin. Besides the pros, there are many cons that you should consider before finalizing a destination wedding.

  • Your love might not attend a party – How would you feel, if the person you care about most, is not able to attend your party. Definitely, this is one of the loopholes in a destination wedding. There might be many reasons for it including time, health or business stuff. The absence of that person at your wedding might take down all your excitement about your wedding.
  • Legal difficulties – Different countries have different rules about marriage and these legal rules can turn out to be troubles in your dream destination wedding. Coping up with all these legal formalities will take up huge time. This can feel like more of a stressful time instead of happy and quality time.
  • Planning takes time – Planning everything about destination wedding can be challenging. The food can be different that you are not used to eating and planning about what sort of food your guests will love can be another challenge. Planning about how you want everything done and deciding on which hotel to choose and how much guests would be arriving with you. All these things take time. This can get worse if you don’t have a wedding planner.
  • Your honeymoon is no longer private – How would it sound that your honeymoon will not be private instead it has become family trip. Your thoughts about spending quality time with your new spouse would just remain thoughts. I guess, you definitely don’t want this happen to you.

The thoughts of having a destination wedding can be exciting and seem pretty much fun. So, if you are thinking to have a destination wedding, make sure to read these pros and cons. And if you are thinking to save big during the wedding, we advise to wait for Black Friday in July 2019 deals. Most of the travel companies and resorts would be offering huge discounts during that period. So, you should not pass on these deals. If you turn out to be lucky, your dream destination would be included in their package.


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