Comprehensive Guide to Compression Knee Support for Lifting

Knee Support for Lifting

If you’ve ever set your foot in a box, you might have seen athletes and players wearing knee sleeves. Do you know the objective of compression knee support? What purpose do they serve? What are the benefits of workout knee sleeves? If not, we are here to help you gain a better insight into knee support for lifting. 

The knee support for lifting protects the knee from the risk of damage or injury. With the knees experiencing continued stress and pressure from regular workouts, extra support is really important. Along with providing valuable compression, workout knee sleeves improve the blood flow and reduce the pain. You’ll observe that knees will warm up quickly and will stay warm for longer durations. Knee sleeves are really beneficial post-workout too.

They always aid in recovery and also reduce swelling plus minimize the pain. Knee sleeves are really amazing for positioning and technique. This is because of the extra compression that they provide lateral hold, support your patella and joints, and stabilize the squat under heavyweights. The knee support for lifting is a training aid that provides you aid while you work out and avoids injury. This is basically the best support for ankles, hips, knees, and all the back issues. 

Choosing the Right Knee Sleeve

Selecting the right knee sleeve is totally based on personal preference, however, the neoprene sleeves are the ones that provide you with a perfect balance of warmth and compression. Whenever you slip on these amazing knee sleeves, you’ll feel the difference yourself. These are tight and will never suffocate you because their sizing systems are simple and accurate. These are very comfy and easy to use.

How to Select the Thickness for Knee Sleeves?

Wherever you go looking for knee sleeves, there are generally three types of thickness available. 5mm, 3mm for lighter, and 7mm for the ones who look for extensive workouts or increased thickness. It’s always recommended to go for 5mm if you want to choose general workouts or metcons. However, the 7mm thickness is suitable for heavy powerlifting and Olympic lifting workouts. 

3mm Knee Sleeves – These are awesome for athletes in endurance training and sports. Due to the weight, these are totally ideal for carrying long-distance and light equipment. These are the sleeves that are used to serve and support an athlete while they’re starting and working out. 

  • 5mm Knee Sleeves – These are amazing for long-distance running, general gym usage and also provides various advantages to varied training areas where support and agility are supported.
  • 7mm Knee Sleeves – This one is for heavy activities. The advantage of using 7mm sleeves is that it offers power stabilization. Whenever you’re lifting whatever you want to achieve the needed stability or extra support, this will aid you well.  This sleeve is used by weightlifters because they’re sturdy and thickest. If you really want to go for the shorter ones or perform heavier activities with security and precision. 

Words of Wisdom

If you really love knee support for lifting as much as we do, be sure that you have them by your side in each workout session. The harder you train, the more air you’ll require. If you want to train better, get the knee support for lifting and make a transformation. 


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