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Create a Bathroom Worthy for Millionaire in the Budget of a Normal American


When you are planning the design of your home, it is also necessary that you think of designing your bathroom too. After all, your bathroom is one of the most personal spaces for you in your home. This is the place where you start your day. So, when you are thinking of designing your bathroom, what are you actually planning?

Well, most of the times, homeowners make a common mistake. It is that they end up designing the bathroom in the most general way. However, if you are thinking of getting the most from your bathroom interior, then why going for placid general designs and why not something more creative? If you want, you can design a bathroom that will be worthy of a millionaire even in your constraint budget. Are you thinking that I am exaggerating? Well, take a look at the following points to know more.

Rich Color Palate

When you are designing your bathroom and want to give a luxurious touch to it, the first and foremost thing that you can do is go for a rich shade for the interior of the bathroom. In the design, obviously, there will be a dominating color that will create the maximum visual impact. Use a rich color with an elegant finish. For example, if you are looking for such a bathroom, go for indigo blue or rich dark brown. The predominating aspect of a bathroom is the wall. So, when you are planning a luxurious bathroom, think of using these colors so that your bathroom looks masculine in charm and appeal.

Bring in Stark Contrast

In the interior of your bathroom, it is necessary that you bring in sharp contrast. So, when you are looking for rich colors for your bathroom wall, look for something neutral or contrasting for the bathroom vanity cabinets. Also, make sure you are using white on the floor. This will not only make your bathroom look luxurious but will also make sure that the contrast makes space look bright and aesthetically pleasing.

Vintage Appeal for Vanity

An antique or vintage piece of furniture can create the illusion of luxury quite well. After all, when you are installing a fixture with the antique designs or curving, it will anyway create an impression that it was quite expensive. So, when you are planning to create a bathroom worthy of a millionaire, rush to a store wholesale cabinets that will offer you such vanities. The bulky size will also create a quite impressive visual impression for the onlookers.

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Mirror as Focal Point

In a bathroom, the mirror can play the role of a focal point. So, when you are creating a bathroom with the appeal of complete luxury and affluence, it is necessary that you go for a mirror for your bathroom that will have rich borders and engraved motifs that will make the piece quite appealing and stunning. In case, the bathroom is not so spacious, the mirror will make sure that the attention from the flaw of the space gets diverted.

Glass and Fabric

If you are creating a luxurious space, then it is necessary that you think of adding as much glass and fabric as possible. For a bathroom, the place of adding fabric can be window covering. Go for richly embroidered Roman blinds. For glass, go for separate shower stall surrounded by glass. Also, while decorating the wall, it is necessary that you think of adding engraved or colored glass on the walls of the bathroom too. If you are purchasing bathroom vanities, then you can use a glass panel for the doors for the cabinets.

So, now as you know about different ways for creating a luxurious space for a bathroom, follow these tips and you will be surprised to see the magic it will create.



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