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Tips for Choosing Your Best Gaming Headset


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A Gaming Headset ensures that the experience increases considerably. Sound is louder, more intense and even localized. This way you are one step ahead of your opponent, because you know where the sound comes from. This can have a positive effect on your scores. You can also communicate with other players in the game via the microphone.

There are several points to consider when buying a Best Wireless Gaming Headset. In addition to the technical aspects, of course, there are also a number of more practical aspects that you should definitely consider when purchasing. We first list the points of attention for you here and provide tips.

A gaming headset must sit and stay in place, even if you wear it for several hours. To know more Wireless Gaming Headset Reviews you can visit No Fluff Tech.

The microphone

Hear, but also be heard. Gaming headsets have a microphone (a headset therefore stands for headphones with a microphone). To optimize the outgoing sound, some headphones have a microphone with noise canceling, so that your fellow players do not belong to your surroundings. These are pretty exclusive. The Sennheisers from the G4ME series both have this function.

The wearing comfort

Do not underestimate the importance of wearing comfort. The wearing comfort depends on several things: first of all you have On-Ear or Over-Ear. On-Ear headphones are more on your ear, Over-Ear headphones are worn over the ear (most common with gaming headset). The latter has the advantage that you experience far fewer sounds from your offline environment, so that you hear the game and your fellow players better. Over-ear headsets rely less on your ears, so you feel them less.

The material is also very important. A piece of foam rubber or leather is better than plastic. Also check whether the ear pads can be replaced. Is there leather on the photo? Then make an inventory of whether this is genuine or counterfeit leather (counterfeit leather can cause sweating).

The cable

With some headphones you can disconnect the cable, which is useful if it is broken. Replacing a cable is much cheaper than your entire headset.  Look at the specifications for the length of the cable. You do not want to sit with a cable that is too short or too long. For PC gamers, a wireless headset prevents your desk chair from always eating the cable, because you have driven over it again, but at the expense of sound quality.

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The service

The operation must be easy: you have your hands full and with an online game you would rather not pause. Then it is still handy if you can adjust the volume on the headset itself, in the side of the headphone or in the cable. Another point of attention is the ‘mute button’ (mute means mute). Communication is crucial. However, it is not always desirable for your fellow players to hear everything that happens in your room. A mute button within reach can be very useful to ensure that nobody listens by accident. Some microphones on headsets automatically switch off when you fold them up.

Then the technical aspects . Of course you always want headphones to deliver good sound; that’s what you buy it for.

Frequency range

The low frequencies produce the low sounds such as the bass and the high ones for high sounds such as treble. The area in between is called frequency range. We recommend that you choose headphones with the largest possible frequency range. In general, a person’s hearing is between 20 hertz (Hz) and 20 kilohertz (20 kHz). Headphones sometimes indicate higher than 20 kHz; from here we speak of ultrasonic sound. In short, take the largest possible frequency range, but the difference between up to 22 kHz or 26 kHz is not noticeable.


Also referred to as sensitivity, sensitivity or efficiency. This indicates how fast the headphones can. So if you fully open the volume on your device, then the higher the return (or another name), the louder the sound (more decibels) from the headphone. However, you hardly have to take the return into account when deciding whether or not to buy headphones.

The tips at a glance

There are a number of things to keep in mind to be able to enjoy gaming. Before you start searching, first consider what you think is important and determine your budget. That way you can search more effectively. Here is a quick overview of everything:

– Determine your budget

– If your gamet is in a noisy room, consider noise cancellation

– Pay close attention to what material the headphone is made of

– Decide for yourself whether you want a long, short or no cable

– Check which controls you likes

– Choose a frequency range that is as large as possible

– For additional information, read reviews on the website.



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