Evaluating the Role of Female Presence in the Entrepreneurship Sector

Evaluating the Role of Female Presence in the Entrepreneurship Sector

In the past couple of decades, expanding economic opportunities have brought rise to employment for people worldwide, allowing women to now partake in the professional sector. Gender-specific policies have permitted women to obtain a better chance at excelling in their careers.

However, we still continue to witness various instances where women are being subjected to stereotypical roles and are being discriminated against in workplaces where most of the members are male. According to the statistics provided by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), it was evaluated that it was at around 28% of the average figure for female-owned companies within thirty of the wealthiest countries worldwide. And despite the opportunities provided to them, females are facing many obstacles in the way that are restricting their potential to reach better careers in their workplace.

Why is there a Need to Encourage Women Entrepreneurship?

Other than the fact that women should be given the equal opportunity to work on their own careers, female entrepreneurship can be highly beneficial to the economy as well.

Countries that have a higher business creation rate are the ones that are allowing the creation of business development from among both men and women. Regions or countries that are adopting policies that support women entrepreneurship have demonstrated a visible impact from the growth of female-owned businesses. Additionally, many private and non-governmental initiatives that targeted women entrepreneurs have been launching a wide range of networks and tools that significantly enrich the entrepreneurial spectrum.  

Moreover, there are now many empowered women who are working towards making a change in the way people view the role of females in the entrepreneurship sector. A prime example can be Barbara Bry, an American entrepreneur and politician from California who has been playing a significant role as one of the leading figures within the professional sector.

After being a part of the business world for many years now, Bry has indulged in various careers that have built up her status and position among her female working peers. She currently serves as the chief operating officer of Blackbird Ventures that invests in and initiates the launch of a technology company in its early stages. Moreover, she is also involved in helping entrepreneurs start their company, serving leadership roles in the non-profit sector, journalism, and is active in membership organizations.

Bry started out her career as a business writer for the Los Angeles Times- a beginning that laid the foundation for her success as a leading female entrepreneur in both for-profit and non-profit sectors. She faced many obstacles over the years but eventually ended up holding a track record of various accomplishments in her career.

She has been creating and utilizing innovative business models to help entrepreneurs in their business ventures, has shown exceptional expertise in strategic planning, finance, budget control, general management, marketing, and corporate communications.

Due to her relentless efforts, Bry serves as a highly acclaimed role model for many young female entrepreneurs who look up to her and are finding the motivation to aim for the same success as her in the business world. 


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