5 Most Successful Entrepreneurs in History


To be successful entrepreneurs of history, you must start by having the initiative to start a project or business, I assure you that within you there is an illusion of wanting to be a brilliant entrepreneur.

If so, do not be afraid to try, pursue your dreams so that you achieve all the goals you want in your life. Of course, it is not easy, but with discipline, perseverance, determination and will, the results could be the innovation that makes the difference.

Tops of 5 examples of great successful entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task, it is necessary to have courage and a lot of courage to be able to achieve it, however, I tell you that it is not impossible, so do not fear the opportunity to follow your dreams, maybe one day you can be among the most successful of Business in the world.

Throughout history, great entrepreneurs have excelled with great success, who have been very inspired not only for having an idea but also for the way they have started their businesses. Next, I will mention some of them:

Apple by Steve Jobs

The characteristics that describe him are Visionary, inspiring and bright, he is remembered as the quintessential entrepreneur of all time because his Apple brand undoubtedly became the best brand worldwide.

He was convinced that, in order to invent any product, it was not necessary to carry out broad market research, he only thought it necessary to have an unconventional vision to carry out the business. He stood firm, and was able to detect all emerging technologies using his intuition, so he could define where he wanted to go with the company.

Amazon by Jeff Bezos

He is the entrepreneur who caused the greatest revolution by creating a way to buy online. This company can be considered as the pioneer of electronic commerce, which makes its history very inspiring.

When Jeff Bezos came up with this great idea and what he could become, he went for a walk with his boss in the Central Park of New York to share it and only replied that it was a brilliant idea for someone who I didn’t have a good job like him.

Despite this, he let himself be guided by his vision that he was passionate about and decided to ignore what his boss had said, carrying out his project in 1994 with patience and perseverance, after six months he began to see the benefits that the company generated him.

Microsoft by Bill Gates

It is listed as one of the brightest minds in business around the world, since it was he who helped mark a great revolution with the personal computer and today assumes the social responsibility that corresponds to him as an entrepreneur addressing the difficult challenge of health Worldwide and public education.

He was always focused on finding people with a lot of intelligence, to put them to work in small groups so that they could solve big problems. He went on to state that his best decision in business is to have had at his side someone trustworthy who shared his vision but with different skills.

FedEX by Fred Smith

He is the founder of the largest logistics company worldwide, all his experience and skill was able to obtain it by serving as leader of the rifle squad in the United States Marine Corps and then as an air controller.

From that moment on, when he acquired that experience, he realized the need to implement his ideas as an entrepreneur. For him, one of the keys to business success is to rely on top-level management.

Google by Larry Page & Sergey Brin

This is the search engine with the greatest fame of all time, it is not a secret that most people do their google searches all over the world. Currently, he is not only a great search engine, but he has also developed a large number of products that contain web applications and business tools with software and mobile connectivity. They are two entrepreneurs who showed that to achieve the success you have to dream big.


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