How much does a UK spouse visa extension cost?

How much does a UK spouse visa extension cost

The spouse visa extension can be done at least 2 months before the date of expiry of your current spouse visa. The critical requirements must be fulfilled before the application. These requirements include financial ability and proving the genuineness of your relationship. Based on these two important criteria, the Home Office assesses you for the spouse visa extension.

Eligibility conditions for extension

The eligibility criteria remain the same for the first-time applicants, such as the relationship between spouses must be genuine and subsisting at all costs. The partner must be either a British national or a person with UK settled status or Indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

Your partner could also be a refugee in the UK or a person with humanitarian protection status granted by the UK government. Aside from the relationship basis, other qualification necessities include acquiring a joint pay of £18,600 per year, having no set of experiences of penetrating law or movement laws, meeting the person’s reasonableness conditions, and capacity to demonstrate capability in English.

In any case, the documentation needed to demonstrate the above measures can change.

How many proofs are required to be submitted?

There are 4 major proofs that you must submit, such as relationship, financial, good character, and English proficiency.

Let us look at each of them.

  1. Relationship document: this document has proof about your relationship, you must be able to furnish evidence to the Home Office that you are in a genuine and subsisting relationship. Also, you must prove that you have been living with your partner from before the application process. You can evidence posts addressed to you both, documents with the same name and details, etc.
  2. Financial documents: The monetary proof ought to demonstrate the financial strength of both you and your mate. You should both acquire a combined pay of essentially £18,600. On the off chance that you have a dependent child, this pays limit ascends to £22,400, and increments by an extra £2,400 for each extra child. Financial documents can be submitted as money reserve funds of more than £16,000, state and private meetings, stipends during maternity leave, or bereavement advantages. These records might differ, so you can look for the assistance of the immigration solicitors (London) on the off chance that you need more help.
  3. Good character document: You must never have breached any UK law. You must never owe any debt to NHS or any other national policy
  4. English language proficiency document: you must furnish the English language proficiency in A2 level as per CEFR in both speaking and writing.
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Application procedure and measures

While making the application, filling in the FLR(M) is mandatory, you should give your own subtleties, including your present visa or other legitimate travel ID. You will likewise have to submit duplicates of past international IDs, assuming any, and duplicates of past visas. This ought to be joined by monetary verification (bank articulations and payslips, which can likewise be electronic reports, given they have coupled a letter from the issuing authority), relationship evidence, a duplicate of your biometric residence permit, subtleties of criminal convictions, details of national insurance, and English test confirmation. The payable fee for a spouse visa extension is £1033.

You can further take the support of immigration solicitors who can correctly guide you through the process. A Y & J Solicitors are immigration and visa specialists with over 4000 clients and a successful visa track record.

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