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How to Customize Cosmetic Box Packaging for Product Display


Various makeup and skincare items need to be showcased effectively to the potential customers to stir their interest. Though every cosmetic packaging is designed with the intent to display a product vividly, there are some customization options that can enhance the visibility and appeal of your packaged items. On display counters and other spaces, where the shoppers can easily view your cosmetic products, these display cosmetic boxes have brighter chances to get noticed. Products like lip glosses, mascaras, brow pencils, colored eyeliners and eye shadow pallets are displayed in entrancing packaging to the potential buyers. Display boxes can be effectively used to create hype for a new product range. Here are a few tips on customizing your cosmetic boxes for product display!

Window Custom Cosmetic Box Packaging

Window boxes are laudable for enhancing the visibility features of a product. Cosmetic brands make the best of them for facilitating customers and counter staff. You can use window cosmetic packaging boxes for displaying various lip color sets, nail polish collection, smoky eye makeup tools and an array of other products. These boxes also save the hassle of opening the products and giving testers to the shoppers. Gift set collections and bundled up makeup and skincare items can be easily pitched using window boxes. However, make sure that the quality of your window boxes is finest, poor quality packaging can affect the texture of your cosmetic items. It will also lead to a bad brand impression that can impact your customer satisfaction and retention.

Glitzy Cosmetic Boxes

Cosmetic products are always associated with glam and luxury. Having your products displayed in glitzy and colorful packaging will make them attention-grabbing for the potential shoppers. There are various kinds of glittery layouts that you can try out for your display product packaging. Embossed and glittery font, glittery backdrop or shinny details around the product’s name are some of the popular customizations. Funky lip colors, scents and bronzers/shimmery eye shadows can be presented in such fancy custom cosmetic box packaging to the buyers. You can use a combination of images, glittery font, and other customizations to create a balanced packaging design for your cosmetics.

Die-Cut Custom Cosmetic Packaging

Die-cut product packaging is yet another way to flaunt your cosmetic items. There are a number of die-cut box styles available that can be customized to your desired preferences. Hexagon, pyramid, coffin and other shapes are available with varying stock and finishing options. Based on the features of your product collection and brand’s idea, a new die-cut style can be personalized for your signature collection. You can take inspiration from the trendy die-cut packaging styles. Consult your printer and ask for dazzling die-cut packaging ideas. You can have the most likable one custom printed for your cosmetic box.

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Entrancing Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

Another creative inspiration to add appeal to your packaging boxes is having interesting text printed on them. You can use a call to action, celebrity endorsements and other thoughtful ideas on your cosmetic packaging to engage potential customers.

Hang tab and other popular display packaging styles are used for pitching various cosmetic items to shoppers on point of sale displays. You can have a hanger and other finishing options for your product packaging to make it easy to overview and notice.



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