5 Businesses You Can Undertake In Your Free Time


Entrepreneurship is a trend today and if you are one of those who want to venture into a business in your spare time this information is for you.

While it is true that a decade ago it was almost impossible to maintain a business in parallel with your employment, these paradigms have now been disrupted by entrepreneurship, since these can be managed even from a Smartphone or Tablet.

Globalization, advances in technology, emerging economies and digital contexts have transformed the way of relating to work. You can turn your free time into an extra money ticket if you only propose it, there are several options that fit your needs profile and your budget. It is important that you consider that taking time off is a challenge worth taking especially for the results.

The 5 businesses in which you can start

Regardless of your age, your free hours or the resources you have, undertaking can become the best investment you can make. Modalities are there to choose from, those that operate throughout the year or only on weekends, and the most important thing is that the new technologies will allow a greater connection with a wide market of potential customers. From the comfort of your home or offering some service at home, look at these options:

Online store

This is one of the businesses with the highest demand today as it requires little investment of both time and money. It has a potential market, whether you offer products made by yourself or manufactured by a brand. In your spare time you should try to maintain good contact with both your customers and your suppliers so that sales and stock are not lacking.

One of the biggest advantages of this venture is to manage it from your smart device. And it can be, for example, a pet store where you offer food, toys, care items, clothing, among others. Or a women’s clothing store, sale of jewelry, spare parts or accessories for cars, or any other of your choice.

Food sale

This option fits those who have culinary talents or enjoy a taste for home cooking, also allows you to offer your products at home or online. The customer market is diverse, from those who are vegan, or those who rave about desserts or typical dishes. Ideally, you organize to make the delivery and that the orders are made with a period of time that allows you to make the necessary ingredients and supplies.

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There is also the possibility of offering a food service especially for birthday parties, weddings or business events. In this case it would be on certain occasions so you would have your free time as it works best for you.

Photography Service

This represents another of the ventures you can do at home or through digital media. Currently, almost all people have a cell phone with which they can take pictures, but it will never be the same when it comes to a professional service. In addition, events are usually held on weekends or on sporadic dates. You can offer your service on social networks where you can demonstrate the quality of your work.

Apart from the photography service, it also offers video, editing and assembly. On the web there are countless programs with which you can make your job easier. In the thematic events you can include the set for photos, props, among others, and promote special packages tailored to the needs of your customers.

Online courses / advice

In the case of online courses there are various formats. The WhatsApp is a wonderful tool that you can use, as it allows you to do it through chat groups, video calls or voice memos. You can always adapt it to your needs and that of your customers. The advantage of this alternative is that you decide what you want to talk about in the course you offer, the number of sessions and the time of them.

And if social networks are your thing, you can work as a Community Manager, managing small business fanpages, remember to advise you before in case you have concerns about the subject. And finally you can be a 2.0 consultant publishing your web design services, languages, computer services, online marketing and others in portals, social networks and among your acquaintances.


An alternative that fits perfectly with a venture for leisure time. Since you are an expert in mathematics, languages, music, arts, chemistry, among others, you can dedicate a few hours a week to impart your knowledge to students who require pedagogical reinforcement in specific areas. You can even keep an agenda to schedule your classes while receiving income to pay for your expenses while further developing your potential.


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