Implementing Effective Strategies That Enhance Mental Toughness

Implementing Effective Strategies That Enhance Mental Toughness

Mental strength is powerful once you learn how to successfully commit to it. It instills valuable habits that can affect us in various positive ways throughout our lives.

To develop mental toughness, one needs to maintain a positive attitude and avoid any negative or unhealthy behaviors. According to Chris Harris, a revered American motivational speaker, and highly acclaimed author, there are various steps one can follow to achieve mental toughness. In hisbookPhase Selling for Additive Manufacturing and through his sales performance training, Harris teaches the direct correlation between mental toughness and a successful sales career.

As the founder of Motivational Pros, Roku Jutsu Combatives, and Warrior Makers, Harris has spent decades teaching clients from all over the world how to achieve a strong mindset and maintain mental fitness. In fact, Harris believes that developing a positive mental attitude is the first step toward creating an improved version of yourself that is lasting. Here are some tips Harris offers to help you excel in your journey toward developing mental toughness.

Staying Focused on Goals

Each day when we wake up, our priority should be to take inventory of our goals and to set our minds toward achieving them. Without goals, life becomes mundane, boring, and we lose hope. When adversity hits you in the face and knocks you down, be sure to fall forward, in the direction of your goals, then rise and continue your journey. Staying focused on where you are heading keeps your mind strong and fills your heart with hope.

Become Your Motivator

If you are going to achieve lasting success, you must first learn to motivate from within. Self-motivated people are typically happy and carry a high level of fulfillment in their hearts. They do not rely on external sources to keep them focused on their goals and are experts at talking themselves into doing what is required when it’s required. When you become your own motivator, you are no longer leaving your success up to chance. Instead, you become the architect of your future.

Visualization Is a Necessity

Close your eyes and visualize yourself walking through your challenges unharmed, healthy, and stronger than ever. See yourself walking through the exit of your adversity, with your hands raised above your head as a symbol of triumph and gratitude. This might seem like a silly practice, but for many successful people around the world, practicing positive visualizations daily has become the cornerstone of their achievements.

Imagery skills aid in the preparation against possible negative situations that might occur in your life. Being able to visualize such events allows us to access the best possible options or methods for dealing with them, increasing our preparedness for when the time comes. However, do not simply visualize the event. To maximize the power and effectiveness of visualization, you must see yourself finishing strong, overcoming adversity and trials, and succeeding in the end.


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