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If your smartphone user and if you are still struggling to get application which you like and you want to that application in your smartphone Android or iPhone, but application is not insulting found in Play Store,not in the Apple store then today I am going to help you with the store app which is known as 9Apps which you can install 9Apps for Android phones as well as for your iPhone. This is a third party app store which helps you to download all type of application for your phone in APK form which consumes less number of memory from your phone or from your external memory.

Now I am sure you will be thinking which are the application which 9Apps store offer, which you can’t find in your actual play store or Apple app store. The applications are so many, but there are few which is most used by any users in their smartphone which they have downloaded directly from install 9apps for Android and iPhone applications such as Vidmate, TubeMate,etc.

As I mention there is two applications which are mostly used in smart phones are Vidmate and TubeMate. I am sure you people are not exactly aware with the difference of this applications but today I am going to say you the difference and how it going to benefit to your phone actually make your phone a smartphone user. download this from install 9Apps for Android way application.  This both application are similar in function, but features are bit different.

Tubemate: I am going to start sharing a detail of the application which has less benefit but very useful feature. this application is TubeMate, this was the only first application which was in the market which allows you to download a video or help you to convert a video into an MP3 format from YouTube. that’s the reason this application is named as TubeMate, there is so many locations where are you come across while watching a YouTube that you like some video but you can’t download it as we don’t have a search feature in that application previously. after TubeMate got introduced it allows you to use YouTube in that same application also give you the option to download the video you like and watch offline as per your convenience.

Vidmate: Same way Vidmate is the application which allows you to use your all type of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and recently added application call WhatsApp. Addition to that this application also allows you to view popular videos in many other or different languages. The feature which makes this application unique and similar to TubeMate is, it also allows you to download the video watching in the complete video for you can convert that video into an MP3 format for Mp4 format as per your like in need. the unique feature which makes this application completely different from TubeMate. It also alarms to download video or MP3 songs from all other sites which are available in the application. prove that if you want to share any video to any of your friend or recovery you can do that easily just by clicking on share option multiple options to share the link.

So if you are still looking to download this two application then  you need to install 3rd party app, install 9Apps for Android or iPhone there you will able to find this application easily also in APK format, so you can enjoy the benefits and features of this application


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