Integrated Payment Solutions: Aware from Credit Card Frauds


Fraud is a term that everyone is mostly associated with. Fraud is something that can be committed in different ways and most industries end up becoming a victim to it. The majority of methods that are present to detect any sort of fraud that gets committed, contains a variety and various types of fraud detecting data sets that form a connected overview of valid and non-valid payments both, and then it requires the data to take a decision. This decision always consists an IP address, a geolocation, the identification of the device, ‘BIN’ data, the history of all transaction patterns, and the actual information of the transaction that has been made.

Credit Card fraud is one of the most common type of frauds that take place on online platforms, but however, there are several types that take place. Integrated payment solutions become a solving factor in most of these credit card fraud types, and the experts on such panels can easily identify what sort of fraud has taken place with regard to your credit card.

Types of Credit Card Frauds that can Take Place

Clone Transactions

Clone transaction happens to be one of the most common and popular kind of credit card fraud that takes place. It simply refers to making a similar transaction to that of one which has been made, or duplication of the type of transaction that has been done and from the place it has been done. This can usually take place when an organization or company tries to make a payment to a client several times, with each time showing a failure even though the transaction is made easily in the first time itself.

Theft of Account and Suspicious Transactions

When a person’s personal information such as the CVV number or CVC number from their debit or credit card, their name on the card, or year of expiry of the card is stolen by a criminal, it is ideally known as theft of account. Information like this, or an answer to any secret question on a bank website, can be used be criminals for any sort of financial operations. Most of such frauds surrounding credit cards are also linked with a complete theft of identity, and a financial theft can be understood by irregular payment patterns which might be made from that of such cases. Suspicious transaction patterns can be understood when the amount that is debited from the account is denied by the official holder of the account and the pattern of it made is not in the habits of the holder as well.

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Electronic or Manual Skimming of Credit Card

Credit card skimming is basically an illegal manner in which information of card is stolen by making a duplicate copy of the card from where the original information of the card can be stolen. Credit card scammers usually use skimming as a method in which the credentials necessary for a card to function are stolen along with the copying of the card that is used for the forgery. One of the biggest examples in this is where the scammer also copies the transaction pattern of the original card holder.


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