Can You Use iOS14 to Your Advantage to Digitally Market Your College

iOS14 to Your Advantage to Digitally Market

Apple is one of the dominating forces in the tech world; its products encompass phones, computing, and mobile gadgets like tablets and smart devices. Though due to constantly updated regulations on privacy and data consent, these have become a focus for the latest update. Up to now colleges have been able to track information on prospective students through their search history, but now with the latest update, that is changing, but it does not mean the end. So let’s take a look at iOS14, and see what this update means for digital marketing, and how you can use it to your advantage.

What is iOS14?

In June of 2020, Apple introduced its upcoming biggest iOS update to date; iOS14. It was then released on September 16, 2020. It includes updates to design, Siri improvements, existing apps and more. A key new update is widgets.

Who is being affected?

IOS14 impacts on higher education and businesses have already started taking effect. Apple made changes that mean that users now have to opt-in to permit advertisers to track their activities and searches across apps and websites.

This is great in terms of user privacy and control over our data. However, it is not good for businesses who rely on promoting via this means. If people do not opt-in, then Universities will not know who to target with their adds. For example, they will not know who has been searching for the appropriate location or courses to lean towards a specific college. This is why it is now more key than ever to use good high education marketing agencies to promote your college.

Ways digital marketing can help higher education

Due to iOS 14, universities might struggle to target students as they will not see who is engaging with their content. One way to avoid these issues is to integrate and automate email campaigns. Digital marketers still have access to a range of data-driven tools that help create relationships between customers and sextantmktg businesses and give valuable first-party data.

Effective content marketing is key and working with digital marketers will help you make your content engaging, interesting and unique, specifically using SEO optimized words to give your university the top search result. Digital marketers such stress that just because these changes are different from what we are used to, they have to have a negative impact. Working with a good marketing team can harness these changes for a better result.

Impact on day-to-day users

Part of the better privacy for users is that a got will appear in your screen’s top right whenever an app is using your microphone or camera. This means it should be impossible for apps to make recordings without our knowledge.

There are also great changes to the Maps update. This allows people to access up to date guides for different locations. There is also the option to have Apple organize our apps for us into helpful categories.


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