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Three Simple Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty

simple ways to increase customer loyalty

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You might think that the best way to earn lots of money is to constantly attract new customers to buy your product or service. In fact, one of the best ways to constantly make sure you are bringing revenue in is to make sure that existing customers keep coming back to you. If you sell a product that needs buying regularly, such as food, toiletries or other perishables, securing a second purchase is just as important as securing that initial purchase.

If you secure a loyal customer, you will have a constant flow of money coming in. The only problem is that no matter what industry you are in, it is highly likely that there will be a market of rivals looking to persuade those customers to ditch your brand and spend with them instead. With this in mind, here are three simple ways you can increase customer loyalty.

Reward them

One of the best ways to gain a customer’s loyalty is to reward them for being loyal to you. By promising them a little extra benefit or even a little free present for buying from your brand on multiple occasions, they will have a reason to stick with you and not be tempted away by another brand. For example, consider making personalized merchandise, like those products offered by the website brandrageous.com, with your logo printed on them.

Print coupons either to hand out to your customer every time they make a sale or even a token that they can print off the side of the box. Once they have collected enough tokens after making enough purchases with you, offer them the chance to trade those tokens for one of your products. Not only will you gain their loyalty, but someone else might be tempted to buy your products if they spot someone wearing your logo on something like a hat or a hoodie.

Keep in Touch with them

Another great way to make your customers more loyal is to keep in touch with them. If you are an online retailer, a customer might have purchased from you after searching for a specific product and finding it on your website. Once they have bought that product, they could quite easily forget that your website exists. That is, unless you send them emails reminding them of your products. When they are at the checkout, ask them whether you can keep their email address to send them offers in the future. If they say yes, make sure to send them a regular newsletter displaying your best products and offers.

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Simply Make a Product they are Happy with

The best way to keep a customer loyal is to keep them happy. No matter what you create, spend time checking whether it is the best version of that product on the market for that price. Make sure you regularly check the quality of every product that leaves the business to prevent any faulty or damaged goods reaching the customer. If you find you are getting lots of negative feedback about a certain product, think about ways you can improve it.



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