Look At The Top 10 Food Items That You Should Keep In Mind To Never Order Online In India


Most of the people get addicted to ordering online food. After a busy day, who wants to cook food? Of course, no one does. But it is important for us to know that what we are eating is healthy or not. Almost all the restaurants deliver food that is unhealthy for you. Whereas Fassos offers online food at is tasty and well as healthy. But not all the restaurants deliver healthy food.

So if are an online food ordering user, then make sure not to order these 10 foods from online sites. Check out which food and why:

  1. Salad sandwich

The salad sandwiches that you order are mostly spoiled because they are not eaten right away. Moreover, mayonnaise that they use is highly rich in fat and can be expired too.

  • Cheese Burger

This food is a risk and it can be a possible cause for your sickness. The cheese burgers have highly-processed cheese rich in carbs and saturated fats. Moreover, the oil they use is created by mixing chemicals with edible oil. Have cravings to eat a burger? Then get a grass-fed burger instead of a cheesy one.

  • Soup

In winters, we want nothing than a delicious hot soup. The soups are stored in food containers having chemicals. Then they are heat up at high temperature and deliver to your door. So there a better option to cook it in your kitchen.

  • Stuffed crust pizza

Love heavy stuffed pizza because it looks so delicious? Stop fooling yourself as the extra crush that you order to upgrade is enrich in carbohydrates and fat. Only one slice of this pizza includes the whole day intake of your carbohydrates. So choose a vegetable pizza with less crush to stay healthy with enjoying your favorite pizza.

  • Smoothies

Commercial smoothies are never a good option for your health. They contain high sugar and can affect your health in a number of ways. I don’t understand why people order such things if they can make it easily at home.

  • Rice Noodles

Instead of rice noodles, ordering wheat noodles is a much healthy option. Rice noodles are a source of constipation and fat and nothing else.

  • Cheese Cake

I will say not to order online cheese cake because the better option is to go to the shop and take it. They cheese pack when packed, it takes a long to travel and reach your door, thus making it sluggish meanwhile.

  • Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is not added in the list because it has some health effects. But the reason to add this is wastage of money. You can make herbal tea yourself at your home within a few minutes. And the online sites charge almost double its cost. Then why to waste money when you can prepare it healthier and within a few minutes?

  • Non-organic chicken

Chicken that you order is non-organic and very unhealthy for you. The chicken is fed with low-quality food thus making them plumps. Spend a little more if you really want to eat chicken and order only the organic one.

  1. Wraps

Anything in a wrap is worth double of your meal. It contains high fat. Get salad instead of wraps. And you are tempted to eat wrap, then take only a few portions of it at one time. Save the extra one for the next meal.

Hope this helps in knowing best for your help. Notice the alternative foods and order healthy food for you. Faasos coupons let you help in saving money on your online order. So eat well and save money with fassos online order.

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