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The Most Expensive Meals In The World


The most expensive meals in the world can leave your credit card shaking or give a good bite to your bank account. We tell you what these dishes are and what is their exorbitant price available to few.

Eating well is a pleasure that delights a large part of humanity since time immemorial.

In every country, city or town in the world you can find many typical dishes from local products that make up the local cuisine, but beware, some can go out much more expensive than others due to rare or exclusive ingredients, complicated methods of preparation and preparation or the presence of luxury restaurants.

To satisfy your curiosity, in this article we collect some of the most expensive meals in the world, highlighting both its price and the characteristics of the dish.

You’ll find everything from tortillas with three zeros at the cost to luxury sushi or a pizza with edible gold. Do not miss them!

Diego Buik’s luxury burger

This deluxe meal was created by the Dutch chef Diego Buik of the South of Houston restaurant, in The Hague, on the occasion of the hamburger day. It has ingredients from all over the world: aged Wagyu beef, Black Angus veal steak, lobster infused with Hermit Dutch Coastal gin, foie gras, black truffle, Remeker cheese, Iberian ham and Japanese tomatoes.

Its sauce is made with lobster, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, Madagascar vanilla, saffron and Japanese soy. Finally, the brioche bun is covered with 24 carat gold leaf at a cost of 120 euros. While the total cost price for its creator is 1,000 euros, you must pay 2,000 euros to sink the tooth into this luxury hamburger.

The Zillion Dollar Frittata, an omelet for the rich

Named Zillion Dollar Frittata, this delicacy of the gods conceived for lovers of the delights of the sea is a six-egg omelet with 280 grams of Sevruga caviar and a lobster. It costs about 1,000 euros and you can find it in the exclusive Parker Meridien restaurant in New York.

It should be noted that there is a cheaper and smaller version. It is the “regular frittata” and costs 89 euros.

A kebab of 1,200 euros

You may tend to eat hangover kebab, but I do not think it has much to do with this, which is worth nothing more and nothing less than 1200 euros.

Among its ingredients, we find that it is made with pita bread with an infusion of saffron, cucumber yogurt, Krug champagne infusion, scotch bonnet peppers, edible gold and lamb from the Pyrenees. It was created by the prestigious chef Andy Bates, from the United Kingdom.

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The sushi that leaves you in red numbers

Angelito Araneta presented in Manila at the beginning of this decade these five pieces of sushi that due to its ingredients, make this the most expensive in the world.

Instead of the traditional seaweed, we find 24 carat gold and African diamonds. Despite this, the chosen fish has been, surprisingly, the surimi. Its estimated price is 91,800 Philippine pesos, equivalent to 1,700 euros.

25,000 euros of ice cream?

If you are happy with a tub of your favorite ice cream in the freezer to taste on Sundays, you are likely to faint with this discovery. The Frozen Hot Chocolate has 28 types of cocoa, 5 grams of edible 23-carat gold, special truffles “Madeline au Truffle”, an 18-carat gold bracelet, a white diamond and a gold spoon for glamor to arrive too to the cutlery.

You will find it for the exorbitant figure of 25,000 euros in the Serendipity 3 of Manhattan.

The most expensive cocktail on the planet

Named as “27,321” cocktail was born in 2008 in the most famous hotel in Dubai, the Burj Al Aran, which is shaped like a candle. With a price of 3,200 euros, it has malt whiskey of natural color of Moray, passion fruit sugar and is served in an 18-carat glass. Due to its prohibitive cost, only 10 of these drinks were sold.

Buddha Jumps Over the Wall soup

It is one of the most expensive soups in the world and is characterized by a peculiar composition, since it is made of shark fin, abalone, Japanese mushroom flower, sea cucumber, dried scallops, chicken, Hunan ham, pork and ginseng. You’ll have to pay about $ 163 to savor it.

The pizza that empties your bank account

If you love this Italian delicacy, you should know that the most expensive in the world is called Pizza Royale and it comes with the signature of Chef Domenico Crolla. It boasts 24-carat edible gold nuggets, venison, champagne, caviar, smoked salmon with a Louis XII cognac from Remy Martin and a lobster. To give it a bite you should put on the table 4,000 euros.

A hot dog two weeks in advance

The food distributor Tokio Dog served in the city of Seattle the most expensive hot dog in the world, called Junni Bahn, which had to be ordered two weeks in advance.

The composition of this delicacy is highlighted by a 30-centimeter smoked cheese bratwurst, wagyu loin, maitake mushrooms, teriyaki onions, foie gras, black truffle slices, caviar and Japanese mayonnaise, served in a milk or brioche bread. Your price: 169 dollars.

A crazy dessert

If you have to emphasize what is really the most expensive dish in the world, this is created by an eccentric millionaire and worth 4 million euros. It consists of strawberries marinated with a port wine, spices, citrus and vanilla ice cream. Its main feature is that as a gift, you take home a 7 carat diamond.

The most exclusive mushrooms

Traditionally associated with longevity, the appetizing mushrooms that you can appreciate in the photo are the Matsutake mushrooms, of Japanese origin. They grow at the foot of the pines and are very difficult to harvest, since less than a thousand tons per year are produced throughout the world. The stronger its aroma, the better quality and the higher its price. Less than half a kilo has a value close to 2,000 dollars.



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