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Tips to Write a Captivating Blog Post


What do you do when a new blog post idea strikes in your mind?

You rush to your computer, and start typing as fast as your little fingers can, Right?

When you put all your ideas on paper, you take a sigh of reliefand hit the publish button.


But, wait, where is the engagement?

A blog post without engagement will not going to attract readers, and will not drive huge traffic to your blog.

Do you want your readers to pass by your blog post just by looking at the headline?

Obviously not!

So, focus on writing the killer blog posts that stand out and captivates your reader’s attention.

The following tips in this article will help you to write an engaging blog post and eventually turn your customers into leads.

Let’s dive in.

Write Attention Grabbing Headline

A headline is the roadmap to write an amazing blog post. To write a blog post full of clarity and conviction, spend some time to craft a headline that compels readers to know your take on the topic.

Your headline should invoke curiosity among readers and they have to read your post to get the solution.

Some sure-fire tips to write compelling headlines:-

  • Use adjectives such as powerful, killer, ultimate, etc.
  • Numbers always win readers.
  • Make headline shorter otherwise, Google will truncate it.
  • Don’t create headline questions that can easily be answered with Yes or No.

Connect by triggering Emotions

When you write a blog post that triggers the emotion of the readers, it will not only attract the readers but also compel them to share your content as well.

Basically, the idea is to let your readers feel connected with the content. Some type of emotions you can describe:

  • Excitement
  • Stress
  • Frustration
  • Desire
  • Admiration

Some bloggers already incorporate this habit in this writing without realizing. You can also tell a story to dive your readers in and get your point across.

Write a Mind-Blowing introduction of your Blog

The first paragraph of the blog post is very crucial. No doubt, the headline is the first thing that grabs the reader’s attention. After the reader decider to click on the headline of your blog post, your opening paragraph must not disappoint them.

Do you know?

When a user lands on a blog post or article, he bounces back within 3 seconds if the first paragraph of the post doesn’t attract him.

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So, you only have 3seconds to grab the attention of your reader with the opening paragraph.

Let’s talk about how to write a captivating blog introduction to hold your readers.

  • Try to write something with whichthe reader can connect themselves.
  • Open with a quotation or ask a question.
  • You can start your introductory paragraph with some interesting facts.
  • One of the most useful ways to connect with your readers is through humor.

Include an Irresistible Image

Almost 65 present of the readers learn through visuals. Images tell stories. Include an irresistible image in your blog post to help readers better understand your blog.

Another advantage of using images in the blog post is that when you share your blog on social media networks, image attracts the people’ attention and get popularize faster than the content.

Optimize for Search

When writing a blog post, perform some keyword research to optimize the blog for SEO ranking.

You can use the following tools for keyword research.

  • Keyword Planner
  • Keyword.io
  • SEMRush

Spend some time to figure out how you will optimize the blog post with the keywords. Use all SEO tactics to fully optimize your blog post that will help in ranking your blog on Google’s top ranking.

Proofread and edit your blog post

When you have written your post, it’s time to proofread it. Editing the post is essential as it provides a smooth reading experience to the readers.

How to edit your blog post?

We understand, editing the blog is a daunting task. Use these tips to edit your post.

  • Avoid repetition of words and phrases in the blog. Identify your crutch word and try to include only where it is required.
  • Read aloud your blog post to check the flow.
  • Perfection kills the chances of improvement. So, always accept that your article is not perfect.
  • Make your every writing piece as good as it can be and learn from your experiences.
  • Place yourself in reader’s shoe and then read it. It will help you to look at the blog from their perspective, and you will be able to know where you can make changes.

When you have powerful ideas and words that can transform the reader’s lives, then why don’t to draft them in the blog post to reach out to your potential customer.

All you need to know is how to craft these ideas in a captivating manner that attracts the readers.

About The Author:

AarifHabeeb is a Digital marketing Consultant, blogger, and content strategist at WomenFreelancer, a platform for Hire Freelancer Online and Find Job for work from home. He is Passionate about content marketing, blogging and always up-to-date with the latest trends. Follow him on Twitter and Linkedin.



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