7 Perfect Pairs for Women’s Sweater Tops

Perfect Pairs for Women’s Sweater Tops

That perfect sweater – we all have one.

With a busy schedule and a measure of a to-do list that explains it, your sweater is a simple option that you know will never take you down. To change your overall appearance, here are 7 ways to elevate your women’s sweater tops to look chic and stay comfortable this season.

With a Pencil Skirt

Whether you’re going to the office or to dinner with friends, this outfit is beautiful. It has a touch of sophistication that makes it irreplaceable. Get the pencil skirt of your choice and casual women sweater top, and remember to tuck in the front of your sweater to highlight proportion. Dress this way up with a pair of strappy heels (or keep it casual with loafers) and enjoy making this day yours.

With a Floppy Hat

Sometimes it’s the dedication that makes an outfit, and a floppy hat is just the one you’re searching for. Fun and feminine, a dropped hat helps you be toasty and only worry about the bottom portion of your hair. Choose a neutral-colored hat as an addition to this outfit or a bold-colored one to make it the entire statement.

With a Cozy Scarf

Transit your look this fall with another reason, say excuse, to bring out your favorite scarf. While this might be the second time you’re wearing your fashion sweater top this week, which actually happens, a comfortable scarf will do the trick in masking the fact. Throw on your go-to sunglasses, skinny jeans, and spend your day in a stylish ensemble that won’t have you thinking if you need an outfit change halfway through it.

With the Same Color Bottom

There’s no need to get tense if your top and bottoms go well together when they’re really the same color. As a life notch and a time saver, build a monochromatic ensemble to turn the simple concept of a solid-colored outfit into an utterly trendy one. To accent this look, accessorize with a bag and play with different textures to find your perfect combination of flexible yet flattering.

With a Layer on Top

Another choice for the sophisticated girl, layering your sweater will enhance your outfit and officially place you in the respected fashion category. Best worn in neutral colors, pair with heels, wear some lipstick and let this ensemble do the rest.

With a Subtle Necklace

As a subtle and sure-fire way to elevate every dress, a statement necklace works perfectly for anyone who desires an extra touch – without actually being the center of attention. Choose a neutral-colored chain to complement your outfit or a different one to emphasize it. The best part? It takes nothing less than 5 seconds to accomplish.

With Leather Leggings

If you are someone who lives for her dark leggings, exchanging them out for leather ones is the type of accommodation you’ll agree to. Although changing your leggings’ material may seem like a small detail, it makes a massive difference in your outfit. Indeed, you can’t lose with a mix that takes you just as much time but makes you look that much more beautiful. Finish this casual look with a pair of white sneakers during the day or a pair of black strappy heels for a night out.

With Dainty Jewelry and Hair Pulled Back

There’s beauty in simplicity, and matching your casual sweater top with elegant jewelry is a trend you should always engage in. While you can’t go wrong with pretty gold jewelry, wearing silver jewelry is just as adorable – pair gold and silver together to truly set the tone. To carry this classy look, pull your hair back and finish it with a fabulous pair of loafers.


Whether we come for it when we’re running out the door or living in it when the cold head comes, it fills our hearts (and bodies) with nothing but that cozy sensation. While this sweater’s experience is enough for us to keep throwing it over our black leggings, it’s also the reason we can’t seem to break this habit. Buy a women sweater top once, and enjoy the perfect look by pairing it up these elegant ways!


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