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Smart Cities in Dubai: For a Better Future

Smart Cities in Dubai

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In movies, we see the rise of smart cities and the world turning into an advanced technological utopia. It looks like a tech expert’s haven, full of amazing smart television, structures, robots, and a system that hugely relies on the growing various electronic methods.

Instead of just driving a manual car, the roads are filled with electric cars and stations with charging cables. In an alternate world on television, we often see glimpses of holographic advertisements, malls that are more tech efficient, and restaurants that don’t require waiters. The shift is slowly visible in real life too, and as many calls it: the rise of smart cities.

Dubai has had an exquisite history, and its fast evolution into the metropolis we know today has been both spectacular and quick. During the 1990s and 2000s, the city expanded at a breakneck rate, with iconic constructions like the Burj Al Arab and the Burj Khalifa establishing it as one of the world’s most active metropolises.

Dubai has evolved as a prominent worldwide tourism destination in the previous decade, as indicated by the tremendous increase in visitors from around the world. This has resulted in remarkable growth in the city’s hotel and hospitality industries. Currently, the question most experts are raising is referred to its use of advanced technology. Dubai’s future is similar to cities like Singapore, Tokyo, and other places which rely on technology as their core operative method. So, what exactly is a smart city?

What is a Smart City?

A smart city is an innovative city that uses electronic (ICTs) and other means to raise the standard of living, the performance of urban activities and services, and economic strength, while ensuring that it needs to meet the economic, social, and environmental needs of current and future generations.

It’s an improved city that enables people to live better lives which are faster efficient, provide reliable services, and also work better than their manual alternatives! For example, automatic cars, trains, subway stations, smart healthcare, and most importantly a city that values connectivity.

When one talks about an advanced city, we often do include Dubai in the picture due to its abundant tourism and boosting economy. Yet, the construction of new commercial and residential units also demands a more efficient structure of the city, and inclusivity of technological services to keep up with the pace of the rising population in Dubai.

Dubai is the most active metropolis in the region and has ambitious expansion plans for the next decade. Dubai is now the leading foreign investment destination in the Middle East and aims to become the world’s smartest city by 2021, the most visited city by 2025, and the worldwide heart of the Islamic economy within the following decade. As a consequence, there has never been a better opportunity to invest in the future of Dubai.

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Features of a Smart City

It’s crucial to lay down the factors of what makes a city smart? Dubai is already a technologically advanced city, however, through more elevation, it can excel into a greater city that is brilliant and attract even more people to its entertainment facilities and foreign investment.

A Smart City’s core infrastructure will include access to safe drinking water, stable power supply, hygiene, which includes solid waste management, effective urban mobility and transit systems, decent housing, particularly for the poor, robust IT communication, digital innovation, and better governance.

A smart city’s major purpose is to use smart technology and data analytics to maximize city activities and accelerate economic growth even while increasing people’s standard of living. The value of technology is determined by how it is applied rather than how more information is accessible.

For example, smart parking is an efficient service that is often associated with smart cities. Just imagine, having a good system that can assist cars in finding empty parking spots while simultaneously allowing for digital payment. It’s a dream come true.

Other examples include smart traffic management, which can allow monitoring of traffic flow, and signals to decrease traffic congestion. Smart cities are also more linked to sustainable practices such as energy-saving lamps that fade when the streets are empty. Internet-enabled garbage accumulation is also used to lessen climate shift and air pollution.

Lastly, all smart cities are good protection systems, cameras, CCTV 24/7, and proper security alarms for all houses and places to ensure that citizens are safe and the crime rate of the city decreases. A smart city is a better vision of a living standard that can allow people to see a bright future and live sufficiently.

Smart Cities as Dubai’s future

Dubai is the perfect representation of a city moving towards the ideal smart city, as it is already filled with cities that are quite smart and make living easier for their residents. The land of real estate opportunities and investments certainly makes smart cities the new way of building more communities.

The rational, advancement strategy for cities has sparked the interest of the real estate industry significantly. The surge in investments, design, and development has demonstrated that the smart cities goal is the most important driver of the real estate and infrastructure industries’ growth.

While on the other hand, Dubai already has a booming economy and real estate market: all due to the rise in tech-related services and communities that are safe and efficient to reside in. The future of smart cities will bring in a more sustainable future for both the real estate market and the people who live in Dubai.

To conclude:

If you want to live hand in hand with the technology, moving into a smart city like Dubai is the best option available to you. In simple words, a smart city is a place where you can live your dream of a luxurious lifestyle close to all amenities with your family.



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