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Must-Try Things To Do In Alexandria


Traveling to Egypt? And if you go to visit Alexandria? The so-called Pearl of the Mediterranean promises you a trip you won’t soon forget.

To the north of Egypt, facing the Big Blue, Alexandria is nicknamed the Pearl of the Mediterranean. Founded in 331 BC by Alexander the Great, beautiful Alexandria has long been considered one of the jewels of the region.

The second city of the country with more than five million inhabitants, it is today cosmopolitan, bewitching, and mysterious. Modern, rich in history and monuments, Alexandria is fascinating to visit. With its port city full of charm, it mixes various architectural styles, giving it an identity that is at once European, Greco-Roman, and Egyptian. Finally, Alexandria is also famous for its coast, which extends over 70 kilometers, and the beauty of its bay. So, if you are planning to explore this enchanting city soon. Without any doubt, start planning, make turkish airlines booking online in any class and save up to 40% off on round trips on every flight. Scroll down and take a look at this list of the best things to do while in Alexandria on your next vacation to the country!

The Corniche and Stanley Bridge

These are the meeting places to relax and admire the bay of Alexandria! The Stanley Bridge, for its part, known for its unique architecture, is the ideal spot for sunset shots. For a nice walk, start from the citadel to the Alexandrina library.

Qaitbay Citadel

Visiting Alexandria begins with its emblem. Qaitbay Citadel owes its name to Sultan Qaitbay, who in 1480 had it built in a medieval style. It is installed on the site of the old lighthouse of Alexandria, destroyed by earthquakes. It was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and its stones were used to build the citadel.

The Modern Alexandrina Library

This building replaces the old library, dating from 300 BC completely destroyed since then, the old one has given way to a new, extremely modern version of itself. With seven floors and lit by a glass roof, Alexandrina is none other than the largest library in the world. As a result, it can accommodate 2000 people! There are sometimes exhibitions, as well as a museum space, with old manuscripts.

The National Museum: Alexandria National Museum

Are you looking for a museum to do in Alexandria? Discover the national museum which exhibits the various finds of archaeologists in the region. Housed in a magnificent restored palace, you can see objects from antiquity, the Greco-Roman era, as well as the Islamic and Coptic period.

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Montaza Palace Gardens

The place of residence of the Egyptian presidents, the Montaza Palace cannot be visited. Nevertheless, its park of about 150 hectares, is open to the public. Magnificent oasis in the heart of beautiful Alexandria, it has the immense privilege of being by the sea. Moreover, the inhabitants appreciate it very much and many of them go there on weekends. The opportunity for travelers to relax in peace and visit Alexandria differently!

Kom-El-Dick Amphitheater

Among the many amphitheaters of the Greco-Roman period, Kom-El-Dick is the only vestige still visible. It is also particularly well preserved! It is within it, on its rows of white marble, that more than 800 spectators could take place. In addition to its remains, the amphitheater also houses archaeological objects found at sea.

The Royal Jewelry Museum

Housed in a palace dating from the 20th century, the museum exhibits the jewels of the families of Viceroy Mehemet Ali. For the record, the palace in which the museum is located belonged to Princess Fatma Ali Heider Fadel. Today it is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the city.

Pompey’s Pillar

When you go to visit Alexandria, it is customary to discover this impressive monolithic column 29 meters high. Located in the archaeological park of Alexandria, on the site of the Serapeum, it would have been erected in honor of Emperor Diocletian.

The Kom-El-Chouqafa catacombs

A world-famous archaeological site, Kom-El-Chouqafa is reputed to be one of the seven wonders of the Middle Ages. It would be the largest burial place of the Greco-Roman period. It is also the largest Roman burial site in the country, which gives it a rather unique character. Visiting Alexandria without going through the catacombs would therefore be a shame!

El Alamein Cemetery and War Museum

El Alamein, located on the Mediterranean coast about four hours north of Cairo, is the site of two battles during World War II. The City War Cemetery houses the graves of Allied soldiers who died during this period, particularly in the Battle of El Alamein in 1942. The cemetery covers over 7,000 Commonwealth graves from the war, 815 of which are not identified. 

In the Nutshell

In the end, we would like to say that, every traveler needs a list of things to do on their vacation. Hope you like the list of best things to do in Alexandria in Egypt to have a memorable and unforgettable trip. So, found it worth visiting here? Plan your Egypt holiday with AirlinesMap and enjoy a fun-filled getaway and thrilling one!



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