Steps You Need to Take to Create a Perfect Wiki

create a Wikipedia profile

Believe it or not, creating a page or article on Wikipedia, is one of the most strenuous jobs on the planet. It is not just about writing or presenting information for your viewers but in fact, it is about writing in a way, which is allowed by Wikipedia.

See, Wikipedia is not like every other blog site, which you see online. No disrespect to bloggers or the blog websites present online but Wikipedia is different and the information present on Wikipedia is extremely trustworthy. Wikipedia does not offer people opinions or biased information. It offers exact and accurate information, which is supported by hard facts. Each wiki page is thoroughly screened before it can go live and the information present on this page comes from reliable sources.

Now, everyone does not have the required skills to create a Wikipedia page. Even if people can somehow manage to create a Wikipedia profile for themselves or for their brands, most of these pages get rejected because they simply cannot meet the high standards of the website. There are some very strict policies, which wiki writers need to abide by while composing their articles or pages. 

However, writing on Wikipedia is not impossible. Seventeen thousand pages added every month to this platform is proof of the fact that if you do things right then your pages will definitely go live on the virtual platform. So, here are some steps, which can help you in creating your wikis that will definitely go live without any problems. If you wish to create a perfect page on Wikipedia then you should follow these easy steps.

Become a Registered User

Writing a Wikipedia page starts with this particular step, which requires you to create an account on Wikipedia. Now, it is not a requirement for creating or editing pages. However, it is vital that every writer does. The reason behind this is quite simple, which is that creating an account allows a wiki writer to not only access the advanced editing tools, which help writers in making edits but this account also provides a chance for writers to build a reputation for themselves. 

The account creation process is extremely simple and you only have to visit the website and click on the “create account” button available on the top right side of your page. After that, it is simply a matter of filling out the information fields, which Wikipedia requires, and voila, you have your account on the website.

Find a Topic

After creating an account, you simply need to select a topic to create a page on the platform. Now, it is not as simple as it sounds because choosing the right topic is as important as getting approval for your wiki page. See, a topic for your page needs to meet the notability standards, which are set by Wikipedia. This is the only way you can be sure if the topic is worthy of having its own page on the wiki.

Furthermore, your page topic or title needs to be distinctive because similar topics cannot have pages on Wikipedia. Now, if your chosen topic is already present on the platform then you simply won’t be able to make another page about it. Therefore, you must keep these things in mind before you select a topic for your page.

Collect Information

Once done with the topic selection, you need to carry out thorough research on your topic and find out everything you can about it. You also need to make sure that the information you collect regarding your topic is verifiable and reliable. Furthermore, your research must also be aligned with the research policies, which are clearly mentioned on Wikipedia as well.

Start Writing

Now comes the part where you actually have to compose your wikis. Now, writing on Wikipedia must be done according to the policies and guidelines of the platform. See, the wiki has a set of guidelines and policies, which you need to adhere to at all costs, in order to make your page in a way, which gets the approval of the platform.

Submit Your Page for Final Review

Each wiki page must be submitted once it is finished. Therefore, you must ensure that before you submit your pages for the final screening, your page has no mistakes at all. This will provide your page with a higher chance of going live.


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