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Top 4 most demanded IT jobs in UAE

 With our world recently hit with the pandemic, we can see a huge rise in the unemployment rate. But interestingly many corporates, businesses, start-ups give their best to make their position back in the market with some amazing techniques. 

Similarly, we can see, and we have predicted to observe an exponential growth in the digital world considering jobs. Talking about Dubai, then we can notice a great advancement in it over time. Recruiters have been searching for some highly skilled workers who can help them with digital and technical growth.

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We have listed below 4 highly demanded jobs in the IT world in Dubai – so grab some poppin’ hot cheesy shawarma with your favorite soda and go through the list once (or you can reread it twice when you find yourself the perfect job line).

  • Artificial intelligence

With the advancement of time, we can see companies using AI to collect accurate data of their audience or users. In the beginning, people feared losing their jobs because AI would lead eventually to mass unemployment. But the fun fact is no matter how much technology gets advanced but there is still a strong need for manpower.

AI is being used all over Dubai whether you see it inland or in air traffic control systems. Education sectors, government departments, health care areas all are making the most of AI.

David Mackenzie a recruiter from Mackenzie Jones agency says “Artificial intelligence engineers will be a massive area for us, because if you think about all those areas that have to be automated, AI is a key component behind that.”

 So, if you are searching for a job – you know where to apply. Right?

  • Data Analysis

Another most important job that is getting to the list-top is Data Analysis. It is the process to clean, transform and model data to get useful information for businesses.

With the help of data analysis businesses understand their potential customers and their preferences based on the collected data. It helps business owners to know the problems of their consumers and solve them by presenting one of their promising products.

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Companies hire data analyzers who can have a good eye to keep a check on the past results or predict what is coming ahead by analyzing what happened previously. It helps these data analysts to make proper decisions that are based upon data analysis.

  • Software Developers

Software development is considered to reach the skies. We can see companies and businesses growing all across the UAE. It is surely a good omen for all software developers. As these companies need software developers and are looking for urgent hirings. So, it is your time to shine like a star!

To ensure the reliability of their computer equipments and the sustainability of the work, many firms are prepared to pay enormous wages to System Programmers and Software Developers. Working in the UAE will undoubtedly reap rewards if this is your expertise.

Mark Nancarrow, managing partner at Flow Financial and Technology said on the importance of IT emerging jobs: “In the current market, we are seeing an increase in roles relating to cloud, software, data, security and artificial intelligence (AI). We are actively hiring across most verticals in technology including big data, cloud, software and AI architects, DevOps, security, and blockchain engineers.”

Just considering an example for you, in this era, you can see Tesla is getting all the hype. You do not need technical engineers for it anymore instead software engineers are there to rescue you from the trouble!

  • Cyber Security Engineers

With the advancement of technology, some cons are rising in the IT world. It is not like we can sit with our hand on hand. Instead, individuals are working to bring improvements in this field by getting highly-skilled cyber security engineers who can provide their services in protecting extremely sensitive information.

With the ongoing cyber-attacks, corporates, agencies, and businesses have started hiring cyber security engineers who can develop secure technologies for users.

If you have a keen interest to become a cyber-security engineer then all you need to do is update your LinkedIn profile by hiring experts who can provide you LinkedIn profile writing service. It will get easier for hiring managers to spot you in the crowded market. And you can finally get the job you are dreaming of!


What if we tell you its vacancies raining from the sky but it requires your skills and talent in the IT world. For that, we have listed above 4 most emerging career opportunities in UAE. You can either apply for some courses relating to these or you can simply improve your skills and there you go.



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