The Best Cameras for Cars of 2020


We gather for you our selection of best dash cam or cameras for your car that you can buy in 2020. We also tell you what facets you should take into account when choosing a camera model for your suitable car.

Investing in a camera for your car or dash cam can be a good idea. These cameras record constantly while driving (some models also while you are parked), so you have proof of anything that can happen.

It is practical to send a video fragment to your insurer and thus help resolve any case avoiding any claim against your policy. In many cases, having a dash cam or camera in your car can be much cheaper.

If you are worried about how difficult it can be to install a dash cam, do not worry, they are very easy to configure and its installation will not cost you more than 30 minutes.

The big question is which camera for cars you should buy and if you need extra instruments. Below you will find our best camera recommendations for your car, all of them from different budgets.

If you can afford it, it is worth a two-camera system to capture more angles by recording from the back and front window.

Buying guide: What to consider before buying a camera for your car

Normally, all dash cam models record video in the form of short clips, and once the memory card is full they begin to overwrite the clips.

Best Cameras for Cars Theforbiz

It is therefore recommended to buy a camera with G sensor that is activated when an impact is detected, as this will protect the current clip so that it is not deleted.

Some cameras for cars come with a second camera to record the view from the rear window or cabin. Most users end up stating that it is worth investing a little more and getting an extra camera.

If you have a 12V accessory socket in the trunk as well as in the front of the car it may cost the same price – or cheaper – to buy two separate cameras for the dashboard, but then you have two memory cards with separate videos.

Do not be influenced by a wide angle lens: the higher the number, the smaller everything is in the center of the image. We prefer a lens with a field of view of 140 °, or less.

Image quality varies and higher resolution does not automatically mean better quality. Read our reviews to find out how each model is doing.

Manufacturers often talk about “night modes” but this can be as misleading as resolution. Again, check the reviews to see if a camera for the dashboard is good for recording at night.

Additional features such as GPS may be worthwhile, as it will record your exact location and speed, so you can test where you were and that you were not speeding.

Wi-Fi, on the other hand, is not usually as useful as it is faster to copy video clips by removing the SD card and inserting it into a laptop or a PC card reader.

We have found that security features such as lane departure warning or forward movement alerts are not very useful since they do not work reliably enough, but those that warn you of the location of security cameras can be very tools.

Many models have a parking mode, but you usually have to connect the dashboard camera to the fuse box of your car so that there is a constant power supply, in order to use them.

Finally, leave space in your budget for a microSD card since most dashboard cameras do not come with one. Here are the best microSD cards to buy.

Nextbase 312GW

£ 99.99

Nextbase 312GW Theforbiz

The Nextbase 312 GW dash cam model is an excellent model that meets all the requirements that can be expected from a car camera.

It offers a good recording quality during the day, is easy to use and has a very practical magnetic mount, since it allows you to quickly remove and put the camera without disconnecting cables.

It has integrated GPS, and it is very easy to install: the camera is already configured, so you only have to install it in the front window and connect it.

The recording quality is 30 fps in HD, a quality that, although not perfect, is quite acceptable for this type of cameras.

The Nextbase 312GW is undoubtedly the best option if you do not have a very high budget.

Viofo A129 Duo

$ 169.90

Viofo A129 Duo Theforbiz

This set of cameras for the front and rear dashboard dispenses with ornaments and focuses on the important thing: record good quality video.

This means that it is cheaper than most so-called dual-channel dashboard cameras, but be careful because some packages do not include the GPS mount and polarizing filter.

It is worth having both to be able to test where the video is recorded and eliminate most of the windshield reflections in the video.

The front camera is well designed if you are looking for something that is hidden behind the rearview mirror, but the rear camera, although small, has a very thick cable that can be difficult to hide.

Viofo A119 v3

Viofo A119 v3 Theforbiz

$ 119.95

Viofo seems to understand what a lot of people want to see in a car camera: good recording quality, plus recording options when your car is parked.

There are no additional features such as lane exit, speed camera: even GPS is optional, so you can pay less if you don’t want it. This keeps the price low and at the same time offers great quality.

Nextbase 422GW

Nextbase 422GW Theforbiz

$ 229.99

The lowest-priced model in the new Nextbase Series 2 range for Alexa and Emergency Response, the 422GW also supports the rear camera range, records at 1440p and costs the same as the previous 412GW.

If you don’t need all the new features, then you can save money by opting for 322GW, but right now, the old 312GW is even cheaper.

Nextbase 522GW

Nextbase 522GW Theforbiz

$ 259.99

The 522GW camera does not add much to the already competent 422GW: mainly a built-in polarizer. However, it improves image quality by reducing brightness.

The other main difference is a slightly larger touch screen, but ultimately the 422GW is fine for most people.

Nextbase 412GW

Nextbase 412GW Theforbiz

£ 129.99

Do not be confused with the first model described, the Nextbase 312GW, since this model, the 412GW, is somewhat more expensive and has a video quality of 2560×1440 pixels, that is, Quad HD. In addition, you can also record in Full HD (1920×1082) at 60 fps.

It has integrated GPS and Wi-Fi, just like the first model, and the same magnetic mount. However, this model comes with two different frames: one adhesive, and another suction.

The video quality is excellent during the day, sharper than that of the 312GW model, however, there is little difference between the two models when recording at night.

Garmin Dash Cam 55 Plus

Garmin Dash Cam 55 Plus Theforbiz

The Garmin board camera is well designed and easy to use. It’s also easy to install, but it will use your car’s 12V plug so you can’t connect your phone or satellite navigator.

Unlike some of its rivals, the 55 Plus has a security camera warning system that can alert you to black spots in accidents and, hopefully, prevent you from being fined for speeding.

The video quality is good, but at maximum resolution you don’t have the option to record at 60 frames per second or in HDR: those are limited to lower resolutions.

It comes with built-in GPS and Wi-Fi, although the application is not as useful as some: it does not allow changing any settings on the dashboard camera. Still, it is not a bad device, especially considering the price.

Thinkware F200

Thinkware F200 Theforbiz

The F200 camera is a new reduced version of the F800 model, although the initial price is somewhat misleading. If you want the rear camera too, the package will cost something more expensive, and if you want to add GPS you will also have to add.

If you opt for the GPS module, you can download and install a new firmware that includes a database of speed cameras, and you will get an audible warning when you approach one. This is not documented, so it is not obvious how to get the warnings.

The bad news is that the image quality is mediocre. Although the F200 records at 1080p, the bit rate is quite low and details are missing. This makes it difficult to distinguish license plates even in daylight. And the 720p rear camera is noticeably worse, so it only serves to show in general what happened in an incident.

If you can afford more, you will get a better quality of the F800 Pro (although it is somewhat more expensive).

Nextbase 112

Nextbase 112 Theforbiz

£ 49.99

Nextbase 112 is the model that replaces the dash cam 102. This camera of less than € 50 also has the magnetic housing thanks to which you can put it on and take it off faster and easier.

This is, however, the only dash cam on the list that records at 1280×720 pixels, so the recorded images will be of worse quality. However, its 120-degree lenses make it easier to read license plates since being physically larger, they will allow you to see larger numbers as well.

It will be quite difficult for you to be able to see some registration number at night, since the recording quality without daylight decreases markedly.

The camera has neither Wi-Fi nor GPS, yet the Nextbase 112 is beautiful, compact and easy to use. If you can afford it, we recommend you spend a little more and buy a camera of at least 1080p, but if you have no budget for it, then the Nextbase 112 is your camera.


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