Tips for Choosing Comfortable Sandals

Tips for Choosing Comfortable Sandals

When choosing a comfortable sandal we have created a series of tips to keep in mind.

Choosing a suitable women’s sandal is not an easy task because not everything looks good according to each foot. Here are the tips to choose a sandal and make it as comfortable as possible. We hope you find them useful.

Tips to keep in mind to choose sandals

Padded plant

When you go to choose sandals, note that these have a padded sole. The foot will be more cushioned so they will be more comfortable for you.

Sandal straps

Be careful with the strips! We are in love with sandals but we take into account that not all sandals are valid depending on which foot.

Sandals with many straps are great for their decorative style but sometimes for wide feet, they do not hold the foot properly. Sandals with wide straps that adapt to the foot are recommended.

If you have a narrow foot, you should also pay attention to the straps. For sandals with many straps, what you will have to especially value is that the closure is adjustable.

Fingers stick out«

This is a very common drawback. It is important to make sure of the size because if they are something fair this may happen. As a recommendation one more number and if the sandal does not hold the footwell, there are half insoles on the market so that it is not too big.

A hole can also be made in the clasp for adjustment.

Ultralight sandals

Another tip when choosing a sandal is to assess its weight. It sounds strange but weighing little the skin will be more comfortable and you will also notice it on the legs. There are lighter and lighter sandals on the market. Pay particular attention to the wedge or platform of the sandal, which is what tends to be heavier.

Type of sole

It is important to look at the sole. If the sole has little thickness for people with metatarsal problems, this is not indicated. However, the soles with a little platform tend to cushion more and are more comfortable for the foot.

Also observe if the sole is non-slip: that it is rough, or that it has small marks so that it does not slip.

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The type of closure

This should be a criterion to assess.

The buckle closure is perfect and in case the closure does not fit well. You can always put a hole in it. A hole more or less in case it is something loose. There is nothing worse than a loose sandal strap! Okay, yes; that the heel breaks but we are not going to get catastrophic either.

The velcro closure is a very comfortable option because it fits very well and is perfect for everyday use.

The closure that incorporates rubber: when choosing sandals, make sure that it incorporates a rubber apart from the closure, in this way it will fit better to the foot, especially if you have a slightly wider foot

Use them before

Another good recommendation when it comes to brand new sandals is to use them at home and wear plasters just in case. As a suggestion, you can take advantage of using them in any day-to-day activity, so when you go to release those sandals they will be “tamed”

Leather material

It is no coincidence that leather is the favorite material for footwear. The cowhide sandals will avoid unnecessary chafing. The advantages of wearing leather sandals are that they allow the foot to breathe. The footwear is more flexible and durable. They are also more comfortable walking and adapt better to the shape of the feet.

Brands of comfortable sandals

Finally, we leave you a list of brands that have comfort and convenience as their objective. At this point, it is convenient to emphasize that the important thing when choosing a sandal is that you value and take your foot type into account.

  • Type of foot if it is wide or narrow.
  • If it usually hurts you in a specific place, be careful with the strips.
  • You also take into account the height if the sandal incorporates a platform or not.
  • The seams of the model.
  • The width of the sandal
  • If it is a high-heeled sandal, assess the type of heel: wide heel or narrow heel.


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