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What is the difference between Tinder’s “Tinder Gold” and “Tinder Plus”?


In fact, the functions and usage are almost the same. Even though it is more than 5$ more expensive than “Tinder Plus”…. I wonder, “Is there anything that makes sense to charge Tinder Gold?” However, it had useful functions when actually using it.

This time, I will explain the difference between “Tinder Gold” and “Tinder Plus”. If you do not know which paid member to charge for, please refer to it by all means.

What is Tinder Plus?

“Tinder Plus” is a paid member who appeared in March 2015. Functions that can be used at an overwhelmingly low price compared to other matching applications, such as one month 10$.

In fact, useful features such as Tinder’s “Rewind” and “Show profile” can only be used by paid members. In addition, with “Tinder Plus”, the upper limit of the number of like / super likes increases, so it becomes easier to match.

What is Tinder Gold?

“Tinder Gold” is a new function of Tinder (Tinder) that was opened in USA in September 2017. “One month 15$. 6 months 52$. 12 months 83$.” It’s a little expensive, but cheaper than other apps.

Although the effect and usage are almost the same as those of “Tinder Plus”, “Tinder Gold” has a list page to be informed of who made the same. I think that many people know, but the free version and “Tinder Plus” cannot confirm the notification of like exactly.

What is the difference in functionality?

As I mentioned earlier, the difference between the features of “Tinder Plus” and “Tinder Gold” is only the effect that you can see who made it like you. Please refer to the article below for the functions of only paid members that cannot be used by free members.

You can see in the list who you like

A new feature of only “Tinder Gold” that is not found in “Tinder Plus”. If you like it, you can see it in a list like “Mercali” (or Instagram). It is a function that cannot be used without billing, but the specific flow of usage is as follows.

Tap the message icon in the upper right

● I like the new match! Tap

Swipe right on the person you want to match

Since the face picture, age, and educational background are displayed on the list page, it is possible to judge “matching / not matching” in an instant. You can use Tinder at your own pace, as you can choose to be notified or not notified every time you are given a person, 3 or 10 people.

People who want to recommend Tinder Plus · Tinder Gold billing

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We will deliver recommendations to those who are wondering if they would like to pay for paid members of Tinder, or who are trying to become Tinder Gold from Tinder Plus. People who say, “I want to make my boyfriend and girlfriend efficiently!”

People who should charge for Tinder Plus

“Tinder Plus” is recommended for men who want to make her with Tinder. From now on, more women will be charged for “Tinder Gold”, and they will be “sorted” on the list page, so men who are confident in their face, academic background (college) etc. will be particularly easy to match.

People who should charge to Tinder Gold

“Tinder Gold” is recommended for women who are too busy to meet a good man. Women will have several times and dozens times more like men than men, so if you want to meet with Tinder, you can say “Tinder Gold” is essential.

Those who do not recommend charging to Tinder

We do not recommend charging for Tinder for people who do not fit into the above two, that is, ordinary men. It is cheaper than other matching apps, but it will be wasted money. In any case, if you charge, you can come up with a monthly fee of 34$.

Summary of Tinder’s “Tinder Gold”

How was that

The above is a summary of the differences between Tinder’s “Tinder Gold” and “Tinder Plus”. “Tinder Gold” is a new feature in USA. The price is a little higher than “Tinder Plus”, but if you like it well you can use it efficiently!

If you cannot match at all, let’s increase the match rate according to the article below before charging. If there is no mistake in how to use free members, you can make a boyfriend / girl.



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