10 Winning Tips to Become a Successful Ghostwriter

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Whether you are a professional ghostwriter, creating a compelling piece is a matter of prestige. Many individuals embark on the venture to start ghostwriting, however, only a talented few can make a career out of it. This is because the profession requires planning, strategy, knowledge, and a diverse skill set to thrive in the industry. 

So, if you’re looking to start a career as a ghostwriter, continue reading this guide. 

Build Confidence in Yourself

In any industry, the employee should be confident about their skillset. To be a reputed ghostwriter, the first thing you need to work on is your confidence. If you sell your work with conviction, you will build a clientele faster. 

Clients trust writers who have trust in their abilities. If you show them uncertainty and lack of confidence, they will prefer to hire other writers for their books or articles. Aside from that, when you have faith in your work, you can execute the client’s vision proficiently. 

Determine the Pricing According to Your Skills

The time you spend writing something important for a client isn’t worthless. You are putting in creativity and time in your work, and your charges should reflect that. Most clients negotiate for prices but never settle for less. You have the right to ask your client for proper compensation. It is your choice if you want to work on a total project fee or an hourly wage. While it is best to provide affordable ghostwriting services, it is also important to make sure your services do not come off as ‘cheap’. Reduced pricing gives prospects an idea that you may not be able to deliver quality content. Therefore, you must carry out competitor analysis and charge market competitive rates. 

Show Creativity

Ghostwriting is more than just running with the client’s idea. Often, clients will provide you with a detailed idea of what they require but you will have to execute the vision by infusing creativity and imagination to make the content engaging for the reader. The job of a ghostwriter is more than what meets the eye. The work of a writer starts from the conception of the idea, visualization, conceptualization, management, research, editing, and reframing sections of pre-written content. 

Be Flexible

Suppose you are writing something for yourself; what would be the preliminary steps? The process will start with research and writing. Similarly, when you work for someone else, you will need some information to write for the client. To get the information, you have to be in contact with the client constantly. Use whatever medium suits you, such as voice calls, emails, or in-person conversational sessions. 

Let’s say that the client is not there to solve your queries. In such cases, you can move ahead with the project and work on a section that doesn’t require their involvement. However, if the client’s communication is required, you can leave them a message and request to extend the deadline.

Start Organizing the Information

If you are working on a large project, such as a book, you need to have the habit of organizing data that you receive from the clients. Also, save the preparatory research drafts of the content you have written to gather inspiration later on. 

Have an Understanding of Publishing 

You need to know publishing content. If you write brief content like articles and blogs, it is okay if you don’t have prior experience of publishing. However, if you want to write proper books for clients, you should have some published books in your portfolio. Those who have experience working with traditional publishers know the strategies that work in this department. 

There are two types of experienced ghostwriters. One has self-published their books with a print-on-demand company, whereas others have experience in POD and eBook publishing. With this experience, you can give input to your clients to help them present their books to publishers. 

Try to Understand Your Client 

When you ghostwrite for someone, you step into their minds until that project is completed. Therefore, you have to know the client’s personality, interests, likes, and dislikes by holding a conversation with them virtually or in person. Once you are familiar with their ways and mannerism, you can translate their thoughts to paper in their own words.

Be Open to New Vocabulary

A reality of this profession is that you should be ready to use terminologies and writing styles that you don’t normally integrate into your writing. If the client gives you a particular word that they want to use in the book, it is imperative to use it. Ghostwriting is all about accommodating the client’s needs. Therefore, it is essential to follow all the requirements ranging from the use of vocabulary, fluctuations in tone, and changes in writing style.

Find Information on the Topic

As a ghostwriter, you may be provided with a specific length for writing a book or any other content type. However, your intention should always be to add informative, value-adding, and engaging content that generates interest from the reader. Therefore, avoid using filler terms and phrasing, avoid creating repetitive content, and carry out in-depth research on the topic before starting. Taking these initiatives will help you form quality content that increases conversions and recommendations. 

Set Your Standards 

Most ghostwriters are unable to make it because their end goal is to generate an income. While turning a revenue is important, your ultimate objective should be to deliver quality content that meets the goals set by the client. Creating quality work will not only help you generate referrals, but your clients will also come back to avail of your services in the future. Popular ghostwriting agencies, such as The Author Tribe, is able to retain their clients by consistently providing quality content. You must take the same initiative to build a loyal customer base. 

In Conclusion 

Success is subjective for every ghostwriter, so you have to identify your definition of success before you start concentrating on these steps. Then, you will clearly see the direction that will take you close to your dream. In fact, you always be one step ahead from where you stood as a ghostwriter previously.  


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