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7 Tips to be a Successful Entrepreneur


Originating from a glacier, a tiny stream struggles to make its way through the mountains and when it reaches to the bottom it realizes it has a long way to go and alone it can’t make much of a difference. Thus, starts the journey of making a river as a lot of other streams join it along the way bringing everything that they could collect and a continuous process of evolution begins until it joins.

An entrepreneur is just like that tiny stream who in order to grow his business grows his network and takes on challenges to evolve every day.

Being an entrepreneur means being passionate about this never-ending change, it means not giving up and hitting that rock thousands of times to develop a crack and make the way for the stream.

But if only this entrepreneurial zeal could have brought results into the real world, half of the world would have turned themselves into one. There is ‘n’ number of stakes involved in making a venture successful, it is the collective effort of a passionate team that overcomes every other challenge and contributes in the development of each other by building and motivating each other.

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 Here are 7 tips that will give an insight into the minds of those successful entrepreneurs who stick by these rules in life:

Choose long-term players:

What is the first thing that you look for in a candidate to fill a position in the company?

If you are running a startup, look for commitment before anything else. Don’t just choose someone who would be less of a burden when it comes to finances but is there with the company only for his or her personal gain.

Someone who will stick through thick and thin and aims to become an asset for the company. No startup can run successfully if it fails to find its key players, don’t just find people who would do good work, find people with ambition.

Hang out with visionaries:

Are you still hanging out with your friends from college who have already taken up various roles in life?

Well, it might not harm you as a person but it can harm the mind of an entrepreneur, as an entrepreneurial mind needs to feed on motivation, new ideas, new perspectives and when it will stop getting that, it will become rustic.

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Hang out with the likes of you, you never know when a small conservation will give birth to a new business idea.

Never lose the sight of your vision:

The work might get repetitive, the ideas may become redundant and often question like “Will it work?” “Is it worth”, may pop inside your head but if you will keep reminding yourself of the vision that made you tread this path, you will never lose the sight of the bigger picture.

For this also remember the “Why” behind starting out, whenever the picture starts fading in front of you, ask yourself why you started this in the first place.

Address that weeping client:

Startups seem to be in haste of money-making and in this chase for money, they often neglect such clients who have complains regarding their products and services.

If from the initial stage of your business, you will not provide a customer care service that genuinely works upon the issues of the clients, the bad feedbacks from these clients might hugely impact the sales.

Earn the trust of not only your current clients but also of your prospective clients by addressing the problems of your existing clients.

Pay attention:

Paying attention to the needs of your clients is one of the first things that make them think that the company values its clients.

Even the most general queries received via mail can impact your business because by replying to every email with attention the company is gradually creating a client base that trusts it and just like this, every reckless reply can affect a company’s image negatively.

So, before you think that one mail won’t make a difference, think twice, he or she might become your lifetime client.

Keep the loop of learning moving:

 According to Peter Theil, the author of the book Zero to One, you only have to grow 1% every day in a year to become 37 times better the version of yourself after a year.

The secret of growth in your business lies somewhere down in your personal growth.

The most successful entrepreneurs are most ardent readers, a habit of reading will not only keep you updated about the current business scenario but will also open your ideas towards many unexplored business horizons.

Don’t plan the day, plan the minutes:

It might sound over the top but if you plan your entire day, any last minute changes might waste an important hour of your work-day. Hence to avoid wasting any crucial hour of the day, make it useful by planning your few next minutes i.e by giving yourself a list of your several daily goals.

Also, not only plan your day according to this strategy but also motivate your workforce to do the same. This way you can also keep a check on what your employees are doing and how motivated are they to achieve their daily goals as alone you can win a fight but to win a war, you need motivated generals.



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