Few Financing Terms that Entrepreneurs Should Know

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Setting up a business organization often proves to be an uphill task, considering the challenges associated with financing the multiple processes underneath. Often, new entrepreneurs, and even existing ones, struggle actively to grasp the meaning of specific business terms and concepts. As a result, they fall behind, both concerning business literacy and growth. 

Therefore, individuals need a formal introduction to particular business coinages that trend in the highly competitive organizational landscape. 

For instance, a handful of business owners are not acquainted with terms such as channel financing and why they prove to be essential for the proper functioning of operations. 

Consequently, the following sheds the light of knowledge on designated terms that one commonly comes across in the world of business

What are some commonly used business terms? 

The list that follows is a beneficial guide to understanding the terms related to financing for business growth – 

  • Channel financing is a term that is used often used interchangeably with supply chain financing. On the surface, this process ensures that all the components that create a link between the manufacturing entity and the end-user work seamlessly. This mode of funding accelerates the passage of products from the manufacturer to customer via a wholesaler and retailer. 

Entrepreneurs often resort to business finance for supply chain management to reduce delays involving the unavailability of proper logistic measures and accumulation of unpaid dues. 


Besides, channel financing is also an effective way to bridge the gap between the producer and the user by supplying finances to the process. 

  • Working capital is mostly defined as the result of the difference between total assets and total liabilities of a company. Thereby, individuals can avail corporate finance to help their businesses raise finance. This form of business capital usually involves a degree of cash management within the organization. This ensures the proper functioning of the by-parts of business processes. Additionally, working capital also involves accounts payable and receivable management, along with inventory management, to ensure that firms have an adequate supply of funds for business continuity. 
  •  Invoice finance is commonly referred to as the process that involves the supply of finances against the aggregate dues from a customer. Businesses exchange bills and receipts of customers to avail loans against the same. 

Unless enterprises receive the dues, they have the possibility to encounter a shortage in their funds. Therefore, invoice financing enables a business to ensure healthy cash flow, payment to the employees, and business expansion. 

  • Merchant cash advance is a beneficial financing option for small retail businesses which do not possess enough assets that they can collateralize. Instead, enterprises use their POS transactions to secure loans at affordable rates of interest.

This method of corporate financing mainly targets those enterprises that rely heavily on card transactions to receive payments from their clients. 

In this case, the lending agency collects repayment from the POS transactions, and the business owner does not have to oversee the process personally.

All of these financing modes serve as one of the most important components to maintain business continuity while ironing the intermediary processes. Individuals have the option to avail a business loan to achieve their aspiration of large-scale operation and drive higher profits. 

On top of that, reputed lending agencies like Bajaj FinServ extend pre-approved offers on a range of financial products like business loans, personal loans, etc. These offers enable an individual to save time and effort to get their credit application approved.

You can check your pre-approved offer simply by entering basic contact details such as your name and contact information. 

Therefore, knowledge about channel financing, along with other areas of financing, helps an entrepreneur take effective measures to develop their business.

Besides, an active awareness about these terms and coinages certainly helps an enterprise owner to avail working capital to streamline their business processes.


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