Leading Entrepreneur Edward Whitaker: Making the Most Out of an Entrepreneurship Career

Making the Most Out of an Entrepreneurship Career

Since many professional business owners have suggested that entrepreneurship can be a lucrative career in our modern society, many people were quick to jump the gun and set their sights on starting up their very own business.

However, without proper planning and the passion for backing it up, your chances of success in the professional business world will be quite challenging to achieve. In fact, a majority of people who start up their own businesses give up after the first year; either because it was too tough to manage or they didn’t yield enough results the first year. That is why, when it comes to starting a career as an entrepreneur, there are certain things you will need to keep in mind to ensure that you can begin your business on a positive note.

For example, let us consider Edward Parish Whitakers’ entrepreneurship journey. After graduating from Ferrum College with honors and awards that portrayed his passion for business, he was hired as a broker in Wall Street and was in charge of handling challenging tasks. Naturally, he succeeded in his efforts and became the youngest person to win the National Sales Director Award. After five years of brushing up on his skills and gaining experience, he decided to pursue his real passion in real estate.

In 2004, he founded several establishments, and within three years, his business influence spread far and wide across 50 states and 55 devoted employees who further helped him in achieving his future business approaches.

What made Whitaker different from most entrepreneurs was that he didn’t hesitate in grabbing any opportunity there was to improve his entrepreneurship career. And if you are looking for a way to follow in his footsteps, here are a couple of tips you can use to ensure that your business is on the path to success.

Look Into Market Gaps

This might be one of the most overlooked advices by young entrepreneurs and one of the major reasons why most people in business fail to prosper their startups because they simply do not understand the demand of their market.

Identifying the market gap means that it has to be filled not by doing something new but something different. Brainstorm countless ideas and stay persistent because that will be the only way you can get the perfect idea. Plus, you also need to ensure that your interests align with your profit approach so that you can enjoy working on your business.

Build Up Your Networks

In business, never underestimate the power of networking. Keep yourself surrounded with passionate fellow entrepreneurs, as being in their company can offer you a number of benefits in return.

People in business who are going through the same experience as you are can become the emotional support you need when you are struggling to stay motivated. Plus, if you can build strong relationships with them, you can ask for their advice on any issues you come across and even get the chance to collaborate your business with theirs- allowing your business to reach heights of success you could have never imagined.


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