8 Reasons Why We Love Soccer

8 Reasons Why We Love Soccer

Soccer is a global phenomenon that has existed in the world for more than a few centuries to love soccer. Fun fact, before it was even invented, the Chinese kept records of an ancient game called Tsu’ Chu, which is incredibly similar to modern soccer.

While people are entitled to their own opinion about soccer teams, absolutely no one hates the game. You either hate it, or you do not watch soccer. More than billions of people have not watched at least a single 90 minutes game in their lifetime. Soccer after a long day of hard work along with a bucket of fried chicken always clicks very well.

And now, let’s look at the reasons why we love soccer so much more than any other game!

1. It Exudes Competitiveness

Soccer is all about the competition. Both teams and fans gather together around the field as the teams play and the fans speculate. Even then, these speculations cannot explain why there is so much competition even among the fans.

The primary factor behind this massive competitive force in the gambling industry. Many spectators can make a huge fortune by simply placing the right bets, while many could lose their entire business empire in a single night with the wrong choice.

Spectators will often watch live tv soccer streams online to check the statistics of any match before placing the bets after a few more thoughtful calculations.

2. Play Anywhere

Unlike many other sports, soccer does not require any particular field to play in. It does not matter whether the ground is too muddy or rainy, or even if you are in a sandy terrain or a concrete court- you could enjoy the game no matter where you are.

There are no restrictions when it comes to soccer. It is this flexibility that makes soccer so popular in the entire world.  

Another noteworthy thing is that you could also use online apps and sites to hone your skill and understanding of the game so that you can make the right betting decisions when the time comes.

3. Inexpensive

As far as regular fans are concerned, soccer is inexpensive. If you are unwilling to bet or watch the sport from a stadium, you could use online streaming sites like s365live to watch any matches for free, both in real-time and recaps.

Even if you are going to enjoy a game of soccer over with your friends, the game is still worth no money. All you need is a field and mark two sides to represent the goals. You could be wearing sandals, casual shoes, sneakers, or even barefoot.

As long as you have a ball or something that could represent a ball- the soccer game could be yours to win.

4. Soccer is Simple

Soccer is Simple

Soccer is indeed very simple. There are no playing or scoring rules, unlike basketball, where each different type of score has different point values. In soccer, the only thing you have to do is get the ball into your opponent’s goal as many times as you can within a 90-minute game interval.

If someone who has never watched soccer watches the game once, they will still get the rules quite easily, unlike other games where you need to watch the games a few more times till you can get things down into your brain.

It should also be noted that it is only because the game has so few rules. Most accidents and penalties happen in soccer games.

5. Games and Online Resources

Everyone in the world should have at least heard of, if not played, the FIFA world cup games through their pc or console. Not only is this game highly competitive and fun to play between friends, but you could also learn a lot more about the main game from this video game.

If you are more serious about the game and make a bet on every game and transfer, there are a lot of online resources to meet the demand of you guys. You could use these resources to learn more about any winning teams in any leagues, rumors, or significant transfers within them.

You could further make your bet through these supports on any of these things. There is a lot of money to be made through every soccer-related issue. For instance, in recent days, the Feyenoord team has been winning many games in the Dutch league. If you choose to, you could bet on them in the next game.

6. It’s a Game for Everyone

Soccer does not differentiate or discriminate between people. It does not matter where you are from or whether you are a man or a woman. Soccer will never be restricted for anyone. The very reason soccer exists is to promote freedom and unity of humanity.

It’s the same situation in the game. You can win the game for your team whether you are a goalkeeper or a defender, regardless of your ethnicity or nationality. It goes without saying that soccer brings people together and breaks down barriers of language, creed, and race.

You could try Hesgoal to stream any game for any country, and no one will judge you for it.

7. Pride

Soccer fans have everything to be proud of. Soccer is probably the only game in the world that has the most extensive fan base. One of the reasons why soccer is so popular is because of tradition.

In most countries, supporters do not have a say in which team they support because their parents had already purchased their team’s shirt when they were born, so they grow up following the team that their parents already support. It is a source of pride for them to support a representative from their own country.

8. Fast-Paced and Fun

A soccer game is only 90 minutes long. In this short amount of time, anything could happen. Anyone could make a goal, and the team you are least expecting to win could win the game. It is because the game is unpredictable and fast that people flock to appreciate its beauty. Even if they cannot watch it from the stadium, online soccer live streams are also available.


Sit down and watch soccer games today, there’s a high chance that you will be addicted! And if you’re not a fan and need reasons to know why we love soccer, now you’ve got them!


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