Leading Golf Course Mower Brands to Consider While Investing

Leading Golf Course Mower Brands to Consider While Investing

Golf course mower is the basic equipment you need to maintain the length of turf at an ideal size. Turf maintenance in a golf course matters a lot more than just appearance improvement. Closely mowed tee box area, perfect finishing of fairway and proper cutting in greens and rough areas is only possible if your equipment is powerful enough and well-designed to tackle all the issues occurring during the mowing process.

There are only a few brands available in the market that you can trust for an exceptional output. Golf course mowers are expensive because of their powerful engines and multiple blades attachment options. In this article, we will help in making a wise investment by considering some brand leading in the golf course equipment market.

Brands that you can trust for buying a golf course mower


When we talk about the oldest brands of mowing equipment, jacobsen comes at the topmost position. The company had invented the world’s first lawn mower in 1832. However, they introduced the first petrol lawn mower in 1902 to cover the large areas of the golf course quickly. Jacobsen golf course mowers are available in following categories:-

  • Walk behind reel mower
  • Small area reel mower
  • Large area reel mower
  • Contour rotary mower
  • Large area rotary mower

Moreover, the company is also selling other necessary equipment like aerators, utility vehicles, golf carts and sod cutters. Along with golf, the company also manufactures equipment for various other industries like sports facilities, motels and municipal corporations.

John Deere

John Deere is a renowned brand name of  agricultural equipment. Just like Jacobsen golf course mowers, John Deere has also a long history of almost 200 years. The company also organizes the “John Deere Classic” golf tournament. Their golf course mowers are divided into four categories including:-

  • Fairway Mowers
  • Riding Greens Mowers
  • Rough, Trim and Surrounds Mowers
  • Walk Greens Mowers

From manually operated behind the back to hybrid, all kinds of models are available under the banner of this world’s famous brand.


Toro is a specifically dedicated company meant for turf maintenance equipment manufacturing only. Their mowing equipment are divided into four major categories i.e.

  • Greens Mowers
  • Fairway Mowers
  • Rough Mowers
  • Trim and Surrounds Mowers

Under these four categories, you will find mowers of different sizes, shapes and efficiencies. Along with golf, the company also manufactures equipment for home owners, professional contractors, sports fields and agriculture.

These three brands of golf course maintenance equipment supply their products globally in almost every continent. Even their used turf maintenance equipment is also known for exceptional performance. You just need to find a reliable seller offering multiple options in all categories.


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