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Advantages of Installing a Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden

When visiting a mall, a hotel, or your neighbor’s house, you might have noticed a very eye-catching Vertical Garden in one area of the structure. This type of garden can uplift the aesthetics of the place and save a significant amount of space. Nowadays, more individuals are convinced of the numerous benefits of modifying their garden vertically.

For someone who has yet to realize its advantages, reading through some gardening articles might give you essential insights on what the fuss is all about.

Ideal for Urban Setting

Living in the city means staying in a crowded place. It also means not everyone will have enough space for a garden. An ideal solution to this is the development of innovative gardening, which is installing a Vertical Garden. It can be on the rooftop of the building or on your balcony, any space that is high enough to accommodate the foundation to hold the plants.

When installing the vertical garden frame, it can improve the privacy of someone’s living space. Neighbors can inevitably be nosy at times. Instead of building and spending too much on a concrete wall, creating a vertical garden can do the job. It looks nicer than merely putting up an empty wall.

More Accessible

Maintaining the garden is a lot easier and more efficient if it is arranged vertically. There is no need to bend when watering, fertilizing, pruning, or harvesting. It saves the homeowner from experiencing back issues after doing the job.

More Ways to Design the Room

Vertical Garden is not limited to a tall wall. You can design it in arches, arbors, or any other vertical structures. Home improvement magazines have excellent vertical garden ideas that will maximize the house’s limited space without compromising the theme or the structure’s appearance. You can gather ideas and integrate them, so come up with a unique garden idea.


Apart from upgrading the aesthetic value of the place, vertical gardens are also helpful to the environment. It minimizes the carbon footprint of a structure by filtering carbon dioxide and pollutants from the air. This process can also be advantageous to your neighbors since they live and breathe similar air quality with you. Furthermore, it can lessen the heat absorption, limiting the use of energy since the place is much cooler. There is no need to turn the air conditioner to a higher setting or not use it at all.

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Produce More Farm Food

Since Vertical Garden involves plants, homeowners can also make this idea into vertical farming. Through vertical farming, it allows them to plant more crops in a crowded space. The plants grow in an upward direction, so instead of having it in a wider space, crops can be arranged in stacks. If the area has enough height, one can plant as high as they want. With gardens arranged vertically, there is more food security, and homeowners have a closer connection to their food.

Physiological Effect

According to medical experts, plants help minimize a person’s stress. Putting up a Vertical Garden right outside your balcony can be useful in reducing your anxiety. Having plants inside the house or somewhere nearby is an effective method to create a positive environment. There also have been several studies that proved the positive effect on the person’s well being.



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