Here’s how to go to Italy if you have an Italian cohabitation partner


Italy has been classified as one of the 10 best countries in the world to live and reside in. It is better if you stand next to the cohabiting partnerthat you have chosen to lead your life. But moving from a foreign country and going to live in Italy is not among the easiest things to do.

Here is how to live in Italy in a de facto stable union with a non-EU cohabitant partner. Civil Partnerships italy

Access to non-EU citizens in Italy is not easy. Nor is it easy to live in Italy with your cohabitant (partner). Until not so long ago, the only way to live in Italy for a family couple was to join in marriage. But marriage is often too onerous a constraint and that is why Italian law has recently allowed homosexual couples to live together in a relationship recognised by the law. Only that there have always been big problems for couples formed by Italian citizens and non-EU cohabiting partners.

But since Damiani&Damiani Law Firm has obtained an Historical judgment on unmarried partner non-EU of italian citizen. Residence permit for family reunification things have changed deeply and now, you too can choose Italy as one of the 10 best destinations where you can live your life together with your partner, without getting married. Let’s see how it is possible.

The right to family reunification was recognised for those who were united in marriage and wanted to live in Italy. Therefore, a couple formed by an Italian citizen and a partner from outside the EU had to get married first and then apply for a residency permit for family reasons. Then the Italian Law recognised the Right to Civilly Unite in a Stable Union also for couples not necessarily united in Marriage. Therefore, even homosexual couples who today, in Italy, can join together in a Civil Cohabitation, almost as if it were a real Marriage. This has also given the possibility to couples formed by Italian citizens and non-EU cohabitants to live permanently in Italy. However, this could happen when the two cohabitants were already both in Italy, for example if the non-EU cohabitee was in Italy for work reasons or was in possession of a tourist visa or for study purposes. The two of them would meet, decide to stay together and upon expiry of the partner visa italy, after having been recognised as permanent cohabitants, the cohabitant who was a non-EU citizen could apply for a Residence Permit for Family Reasons. But if the couple had formed outside Italy, there was no possibility for the non-EU cohabitant to enter Italy permanently.

A real injustice, an insurmountable wall raised by the law and which prevented the couple eu from being able to live peacefully their union. But with the intervention of the Italian Judge, the right to live together has now been recognised. In practice, in order to be able to apply for a residency permit to allow the non-EU cohabiting partner the immigration in italy, it is sufficient for the couple to prove that they live together permanently through a cohabitation contract. At that point, the Italian cohabitant can apply for a residence permit for family reasons for the non-EU cohabitant and finally be able to live peacefully in Italy.


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