Best 20 Online Exam Software for Student Assessment


As the internet is taking over the world, exams and assessment have also gone online, putting back the long-standing paper and pen format. The online exam software is highly secure to use and is less vulnerable to partial evaluation.

The main reason behind using the best exam software for student assessment is to permit students to complete their exams and test by using a computer. Students now have an option of effectively completing their assessments and exams, especially of writing essays. They can buy essays online; modify it and then write them in a changing way to get good results. Another reason for doing so is, each transcription is checked thoroughly by the software and scores are awarded accordingly to each student.

The online exam software offers an inclusive platform for the students to assess themselves by producing results and reports. Listed below is some of the best online exam software for student assessment. Let’s take a closer look at each of the online software.

  1. Virtualx:

This online software is used in school, colleges, e-learning, and training institutes. It is open-source software which provides complete test and examination solutions to institutions. It supports 14 different types of questions such as drag and drop, multiple-choice, true or false, yes or no, matching, descriptive, and hierarchical. It is one of the best online exam software because it generates graphically analyzed reports and results, and also enables manual evaluation for descriptive questions.

2. Kaldin:

This exam software offers services for schools, colleges, and corporate. The schools and college programs provided by this portal to assess students are customizable, reliable, and easy to use. It allows adding various numbers of questions types as well as generates instant test results and thus is highly recommended to use.

3. Papershala:

It is among the best online exam software which provides help to colleges and coaching institutes to conduct assessments and exams. It offers straightforward and simple user interface and allows students for self-registration, which prevent the examiner from the hassle of creating an account for every student personally.

4. Edbase:

Edbase is yet another online exam software which is used in schools, colleges and even by corporate companies. It has a user-friendly interface and saves an assessor’s assessment time by 55%. Also, every student’s performance throughout the year is recorded so that students can analyze their performance and can improve too.

5. Moodle:

It is one of the best open-source Learning Management System (LMS) mainly designed for administrators, educators, and learners. Educators and trainers can use this software to create customizable websites, along with online courses for students. It also allows creating quizzes, and exercises for students so, they can be assessed quickly and can get to their targets easily.

6. Think Exam Online Exam Software:

This online exam software is famous for assigning assessments, creating tests, defining instructions, depth reports, and setting anti-cheats techniques for students. It is user-friendly and possesses outstanding features. Moreover, it is secure to use and offers several exam features; therefore, this software should be used for the student’s assessment and evaluation.

7. Learnosity:

It is the best assessment software which is built with a great mind to provide the educational sector with appropriate assessment tools. This time and money-saving software are simple to use in all educational areas for assessing students with high adaptability.

8. Quest Base:

This is an online quiz creator software which enables teachers and trainers to create assessments and tests of several types. With this software, quizzes and exams for students are quickly build with powerful, customizable features like automated grading, data security, privacy options, personal certificates, and question banks.

9. EOA- Online Test Platform:

This online examination software helps institutions and universities to carry out competitive exams, surveys, quizzes easily and later analyze the result with ease. The software can be used for creating exam paper as well as for the registration of students. It efficiently merges both online and offline test results and thus, is famous for assessing students.

10. Exam Classroom:

This online software is based on a website which allows teachers or trainers to create or conduct online test efficiently by ensuring a secure environment. It provides a user-friendly experience while doing an online test. Students can be assessed through online exams and tests, aptitude and private test, simple quiz test and much more as per the requirement of the website.

11. Derbyware:

It is an exam, certification, and quizzes platform. It is mainly designed for teachers and professors who can publish any type of test here. By sharing the test link, anyone can later the teachers assess it.

12. Edify Learn:

This software helps tutors and private coaching institutes to create assignments, distribute among the students, and grade them accordingly. It is among the best online exam software as it helps to know about the strengths and weakness of the students so, they can improve themselves.

13. SwiftAssess:

It is one of the most effective management software which targets to redefine the assessment experience by introducing new dimensions to the way educators track students assessment regularly with a strategy to know about student’s progress, measure the intake of knowledge, and later evaluate the curriculum effectiveness.

14. DigiExam:

This is an online software which provides teachers with specific tools to create, plan, supervise, and grade online exams for students.

15. Train Anywhere:

It allows different training centres and institutions to create and schedule tests and also generate reports efficiently.

16. ProProfs Quiz Maker:

It is an online quiz assessing tool which allows the creation and sharing of questionnaires. Being the most trusted quiz authoring software, it is the ideal choice of educators, educational institutions, and trainers. It is also famous for creating public quizzes, scored quizzes, online tests, assessments, and educational exams.

17. Peer grade:

This exam software allows teachers to create an assignment and upload rubrics. The students upload their work and anonymously assigned the peer work to review it according to the rubric.

18. WISEflow:

This exam software supports all work processes from the handout of assignments as well as submission of papers to assessing students, rewarding them with grades and feedback.

19. TestBudha:

It is an online test creation tool which supports various types of questions like multiple choice questions, short answer, and detailed answers. TestBudha has inbuilt answer assessment engines which enable the evaluator to automate the evaluation of MCQ and short answers.

20. Go4Read:

Go4Read online exam software offers various exam features like online test, quizzes, certificate and candidate management. This software is very useful in assessing students. It is user-friendly and provides a URL based exam facility too.

Final Thoughts:

The use of online exam software is increasing day by day. The main problem and confusion arise when you have to select the best online software for student’s assessment. The above-mentioned online exam software’s are best in terms of the features and their assessment capability. Hoping now you can choose the best online exam software wisely and can use it effectively.


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