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10 Best Google Assistant Games

best Google Assistant games

These are the best Google Assistant games with which you can have a really fun time. We collect some of the best online games offered by Google’s voice assistant.

The Google Assistant has a large repertoire of games with which to entertain people of all ages. Since surely, you will have a device or smart speaker that has the assistant, even if it is your mobile, we have compiled a series of network games.

In this way, it will be enough to invoke your voice assistant “OK Google” or, “Hey Google” followed by the magic words, so that you can play some of the most fun and entertaining games that the assistant contemplates.

As we will see below, most of the games you can play with Google Assistant follow the same pattern of offering short quizzes, and if you are watching them on a smart screen, you will notice that they can be full of spelling errors.

And then there’s the fact that some games seem to come and go, some don’t work in all regions, and often when you try to call a game it will start playing a random YouTube video or song on Google Play Music.

And in order to avoid it, you must specify to the assistant that what you really want is to be able to play the game, so if you don’t say “Hello Google, I want to play a game” first, it will start to play on YouTube some scenes related to your request .

There are several ways to find games in the Google Assistant. For example, you can try asking “Hey Google, I want to play a game” and the wizard will offer you around 20 suggestions, mostly trivia games and quick hits.

The other option is to tell Google directly which game you want to play, which requires you to know that it exists in the first place. We have selected a small selection of the Google Assistant games that are worth knowing and we explain how to access them.

The Best Google Assistant Games

Google Assistant Theforbiz

Mad Libs

“Hey Google, play Mad Libs”

To start the game, it is necessary to previously add words such as verbs, nouns, adverbs and adjectives in a random way, and then create a fun story using these words.

Mad Libs is not only a good way to make children better differentiate adjectives from nouns, but adults can also enjoy the game using less common adjectives.

Ding Dong Coconut

“OK Google, play Ding Dong Coconut”

The game is to associate a word with a sound that has nothing to do with the sound of the word or animal. For example, having to make a horse neigh but make the sound with the other word that has nothing to do with the horse.

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The more people participate, the more fun the game will be. After several games and word associations, the difficulty of the game increases and everything becomes more crazy. A good way to have a good time.

Game of Thrones

“OK Google, play Game of Thrones”

We would say that it is a highly recommended game for all those fans of the HBO series who have a certain bite to relive their spectacular episodes and seasons of the series.

Will you reach the iron throne or stay in the night’s watch? Find out how much you know about the ‘Game of Thrones’ series from your Google Assistant and test your knowledge of the series that marked a before and after.

Math Logic

“Hey Google, play Math Logic”

This game is ageless as it is indicated for both older children and adults, asking questions and answers in which it is necessary to combine logic and knowledge in mathematics for solving.

The difficulty depends on various factors, although many of them have the picaresque of wanting to deceive you.

Break Ralph Adventure

“Hey Google, play Break Ralph Adventure”

Another Q&A game, this one is pretty short, but kids who love the movie will love it, as you can basically just chat with Ralph, tell him anything you can think of, or even recreate moments from the movie with dialogue downright fun.


“OK Google, help me wash my hands”

It is not a game in itself, but with once again, the Google assistant shows that it is up to date with the needs of users. Ask the question and the assistant will put you on a song that will last 40 seconds, the recommended time you should use to wash your hands.

Authors and their books

“Hey Google, talk to Authors and their books”

The Google assistant knows perfectly how it is possible to combine learning with the game for what it offers surprising games like the one that we bring you here, the one of talking to Authors and their books.

It is designed for children (not so young) of primary and secondary with the possibility of testing the knowledge we have about renowned writers. The application collects details of the writers and their masterpieces. You will always discover new things about them.

Primitive Oracle

“Hey Google, talk to primitive Oracle”

More than just a game, the primitive Oracle is going to tell you the numbers that will come out in the next draw of the primitive, or at least, those that it thinks might come out. Obviously, they are random assumptions that will hardly occur.

You can ask the Oracle to repeat the numbering if it has chanted the numbers to you too quickly. At the end, the assistant will tell you that in the remote case that you win the lottery, you come back to share the prize with him.

OT Quiz

“Hey Google, play OT Quiz”

OT Quiz tests your knowledge of this and previous editions of Occupational Therapy. With the help of Roberto Leal, the journalist who serves as presenter of the program, you will have to guess questions from different editions.

Guess the answers to the questions that the Academy professors will ask you and, of course, also the Google assistant. The best participants can win a great prize.

The Vortex

“OK Google, play The Vortex”

If you are passionate about role-playing games, you should try what Vortex offers you. It consists of you waking up in an abandoned spaceship, stalked by a hostile alien, which you and your comrades must overcome.

You have the mission to lead a team of robots to recover the ship, discover the mysteries of the past and return to normal in order to survive the Vortex. Once again, an immersive narrative game that has been designed from the ground up to be played by voice.

For more games and fun things from the Google Assistant, check out our guide to the hundred fun things to ask Google Assistant.

Alexa also has some downright fun games to play at home and keep the family entertained.



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