Characteristics Of An Intelligent Student


An intelligent student is often perceived as nerdy student but reality is opposite to that. An intelligent student is active and learns smoothly. His mind is always clear and ready to learn. Although, intelligence is a God gifted trait but all students can work on useful things to improve themselves in education and other activities of student life. Some of the characteristics of an intelligent student are illustrated below.

An intelligent student is not a book worm

Intelligence must not be confused with studies. An intelligent student attends his class lectures with interest which helps him to retain these lectures. He is not obsessed with studies and enjoys the life to its fullest. He knows that if he listens to his class lectures then he would be able to score good in exams and this tactic helps in every class of school, college or university. They always get positive remarks from their classmates, teachers and family.

An intelligent student is highly independent

An intelligent student is independent and he doesn’t rely merely on his teachers for education. If he finds difficulty in anything, he digs out for the solutions and eventually gets successful with his efforts. This attribute helps him in all walks of life and he takes important decisions of his life with full confidence and courage. Intelligent students usually become good professionals in their practical life.

An intelligent student is a critical thinker

An intelligent student is a critical thinker; he develops links and associations and always probe for reasons and causes. Thus approach is the reason for his success in education and society. He is able to predict the outcomes of his decisions, which is why he can take decisions in short time. His critical approach never lets him down in any field.

An intelligent student is determined to achieve his goals

An intelligent student relies on his skills and is always determined to achieve his goals. His positive attitude helps him achieving his set targets in education or profession. He’s good at assessing his actions and plans and therefore he makes right plans which help him in achieving success in achieving his goals.

An intelligent student is good at guiding his friends in every matter

Intelligent students are famous among their friends and their friends always consult them whenever they get face any problem in their lives. Intelligent students are ready to help their friends in education and social affairs. They always guide their friends in right direction and help them solving their problems.

They are not afraid of results and consequences

They take right decisions because and never regret on their results. They know that fear always obstructs the way to learn and progress. If they are failed in their plans even then they remain determined and learn from their mistakes. They are fearless and failures never stop them to learn, try and progress.

These are some of the traits of an intelligent student. They keep balance in studies and social life. They believe in spreading laughter and helping others.

Author’s Bio: This article has been written by Norman Jose, a Student Counselor, Artist and a writer who writes on different topics related to education and students.


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