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Digital News

When we hear about journalism the first thing that comes to our minds is new. News is a source of information important for every human being to keep themselves informed and educated. The purpose of news is to inform, educate, guide, aware, entertain, and so on. For centuries various ways were opted to inform of various mediums to inform and educate people, hence different news mediums have been around for centuries.

Ancient mediums of news: 

In today’s world, little we know about how people of the ancient world informed and educated themselves. Journalism is not a new thing if we dig deep in history journalism grew its roots thousands of centuries back in the year 59 BC in the ancient roman empire. News to inform people about happenings in Rome were carved on stones and metals and were hanged in public places. These forms of Roman notices were known as Acta Diurna. 

To keep Government officials and people informed about events and happenings during the Tang dynasty, the Chinese prepared a court report named bao which means to inform or report. The world went through various revolutions, in these revolutions The Guttenberg Revolution took the journalism world by storm.

In 15th Johannes Guttenberg developed a printing press in Germany, with this first printed piece of news inform of newspapers were introduced in the year 1605 by Johann Carolus. This was a weekly newspaper known as “The Relation” which covered events in Germany.

Conventional News Mediums:


When the newspapers were introduced it took the world by storm as it was a chap commodity available to the masses. The newspapers helped to inform and educate people about facts and happenings, other than news it provided content regarding businesses, homes, lifestyle which engaged readers all around the world. With keeping people informed newspapers were used as a medium to advertise, many businesses reached out to consumers by advertising their products and services through newspapers.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say the introduction of newspapers was a remarkable contribution to the world as it helped people to inform and make choices regarding their selves. Soon newspapers became a source of entertainment for readers as some sections of newspapers were designed to amuse readers to engage them in reading daily. 

News broadcasting via Radio and Television:

Newspapers played a major role in daily life but digital news channels replaced them as a new source of news medium. The newspaper industry began to lose its readers when news broadcasting via television and radio. The news was broadcasted via radio in 1920 by station 8MK in Detroit, Michigan. Similarly, the news was broadcasted via television when BBC became the first broadcaster in 1936. In 1940 Lowell Thomas begin hosting regularly scheduled news broadcasts via Television.

The revolution of news broadcasting via television took the world by storm when people consumed news through television. There was an interest shift of readers from newspapers to television broadcasting as it provided visuals of news of their interests.  Television and radio news broadcasting covered many major events in the world i.e., World war 1 and 2, the collapse of the Soviet Union. The major reason for interest shift of newspaper readers towards television news broadcasting was it provided detailed coverage of various events with expert analysis which helped people in perception building.

The revolutionary movement in the world in terms of technological advancements hasn’t stopped and the internet is another revolution in today’s world. With the invention of the internet, many online news platforms were introduced hence with time the printed newspapers and Radio and Tv news broadcasting today have gotten outdated.

New era of Journalism:

Digital News:

It wouldn’t be wrong to say journalists in the 20th century saw the future of journalism when the internet was invented. Probably journalists in the era when the internet was invented predicted delivery of news through newspapers, television, and radio sets will get outdated and online news platforms will replace them. The first online news report was deployed on the internet by Bruce Parrello in 1974 on PLATO believed as the first online newspaper. By the late 1990s when the internet was accessible to the masses many newspapers begin to publish an online version of newspapers.

 The online version of news has become the need of tomorrow as it’s easily accessible at any time. With access to online news websites, people can easily search for relevant news topics of their interest in the search bar on the online sites. Online news websites have immense effects on readers as the layout of online websites is comprehensive and appealing which engages readers’ interests, unlike printed newspapers. The Pakistan Daily is one such example of an online news website that has a user-friendly interface specially designed keeping in mind audience interest while reading news on the site.

Advantages of digital news platforms

Online news platforms have made access to information convenient for people around the world, just like TPD an online news forum. The first thing someone will do after waking up in the morning is going through an online news site to update themselves with happening in-country and around the globe.

Readers can keep a bookmark of online news sites to make news accessible with a click on their mobile browser. News readers can keep themselves updated timely by subscribing to news sites through this they will get notifications of all the latest happenings.

One of the major benefits to readers of online news is that they can get hourly alerts of breakings around the world, unlike printed newspapers which are updated daily. With 24/7 updates online news platforms contain in-depth background information regarding news, making the online websites a need of tomorrow.

Digital news channels:

With the technology change and with the introduction of various online video sharing platform apps i.e., YouTube which provides instant facilities sharing content news channels has created their own channels on YouTube. These channels on video-sharing platforms are easily accessible to everyone around the world. With busy schedules, it is difficult to take out time for talk shows but the introduction of the video-sharing platform it has made easier for people to watch it any time on these platforms.  


The conventional medium of news i.e., newspapers, news broadcasting via television is still a source of information but with rapid change in technology around the globe, online news platforms are the need of tomorrow. Older generations might prefer conventional news mediums but with rapid technology change, online news platforms are the solution for the generation of today and tomorrow.

Author Bio:

Hamza Karim is a hardworking writer and a current affairs analyst. His passion for journalism is unmatched. With keen interest in political affairs, he knows how to report and write without biasness.


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