Do Instagram Story Views Down? Try this and Recover it!

Instagram Story Views

Instagram has a lot of features that make it the most likable social media application. One such feature is Instagram stories. These stories are a great of interacting with friends and sharing what you love. it has also become a great way of promoting business and running visual marketing campaigns.

This in turn benefits the business owners and everyone who uses it for revenue generation and brand establishment. There are a total of 500 million accounts as of now, existing on Instagram. Most of them are active on Instagram stories on a daily basis. In this article get to know why Instagram story views are down and how to recover them.

What Are Instagram Story Views?

Instagram story not only boosts user engagement but also helps in gaining more followers for popularizing a brand. Today almost every business has an established Instagram account. These Instagram accounts are usually business accounts and through their accounts, they run businesses.

On Instagram, one can interact with friends and customers to do the needful. On this social media application, you can connect to any Instagram user beyond boundaries. This is a great advantage of using a social media app and also promoting business over it. On insta story, what matters is story views on Instagram.

Instagram displays who has viewed your story and allows you to keep or block users that you do not want. Getting great Instagram story views means that your account’s user engagement is great. Many people have tried to gain more followers and views by paying to bots. However, the Instagram algorithm is intelligent enough to break these bots. This ensures equal visibility to all.

How To Increase Instagram Story Views?

To ensure that you are exposed to a greater number of people, it is important to record how many views you have been receiving. If your Instagram story views not showing then navigate to Instagram settings and make necessary changes. To increase story views, here are a few steps that can be taken to see significant effects.

1. Keep in Check with Trends:

A great way of ensuring that your insta story views increase going with the trend is important. Folks on insta are attracted to different styles performed on the same trend. Following the trends of Instagram reels and putting them on stories can increase the views. Make sure that you use the correct audio and video setting and keep it unique yet in trend.

2. Work with Influencers:

Influencers on Instagram are people who help promote businesses and brands on social media. These are the most celebrated and famous personalities on social media whose impacts are great and extensive. Working with such influencers ensures brand visibility and people would want to check your Instagram story thereby increasing views.

3. Make Open Account:

You don’t need to own a brand or business solely to increase views on Instagram! Even if you have a personal account, you can increase views if Instagram story views are down. Firstly, make sure that your Instagram account is open and not restricted. This will make sure that more and more people can visit your page and interact with your page.
If your account is not open that navigate to Instagram settings. In your account profile settings, you can manage your account visibility and change it to open from restricted. Similarly, you can do vice versa if needed.

4. Don’t Forget to Tag and Comment:

On Instagram, tags and comments work very efficiently to increase page interaction in the most viewed sections. If your story views are down then try tagging to relevant places, people related to your story. This will send people through tags on your page and will help in increasing views in no time. Comment on stories and make them more interactive to subsequently see effective results.

5. Review Analytics:

Reviewing analytics lastly on Instagram stories finally helps you understand if all the tactics you have adopted for increasing Instagram views work well or not. you can change a few tips mentioned, introduce new ones once, and drop the ones that do not work for you.


There are many ways to improve if you wonder why my Instagram story views dropped. In this article, comprehensive tips have been mentioned on how you can increase story views. Follow the tips and see the difference yourself significantly. Happy Instagramming to you!

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