How a Great Smile Can Help Your Career

Great Smile

While we all know a happy and healthy smile can boost our self-confidence, fewer people know how smiling can help their career.

If you often find yourself looking far from happy at work (which, let’s face it, who doesn’t?), here are a few reasons to crack out a smile and why it might just help your career.

Better interviews

While we’re not saying a smile can land you your dream job, it can make you seem more likable, approachable, and confident. A smiley applicant leaves a great first impression on recruiters and potential employees, although it can be a balancing act: excessive smiling can make you look more nervous than confident.

Those who feel conscious about their smile because of the appearance of their teeth can speak to Chester Springs dental implants specialists to see what options are available to help them with crooked, broken, or stained teeth.

Lower stress levels

There are plenty of studies into how smiling can benefit our health. But a smile can also help you calm down when angry or stressed, too. Smiling releases endorphins within the brain that reduce feelings of being overwhelmed. So, if the working day has got you dragging your feet, smile, and you’ll feel better within just a few minutes.

You’ll look like a leader…

According to a study by Vision Critical, a healthy smile can make you look like a leader. Those surveyed for the study suggested that people who smile typically look more powerful and have better leadership qualities. So, if you’re trying to bag yourself a new managerial role or want to gain a little more authority in front of your team, a smile could be one way to get it.

…And a team player

Leaders are often great team players and encourage collaboration amongst their employees. Smiling at the office and within meetings is a great way to boost morale and promote cooperation. And as any business leader knows, better cooperation leads to higher productivity and more success.

People will smile back

Neurons in the brain tell us to mimic the actions and reactions of those we interact with. That means if you’re grinning like a Cheshire cat, others will likely do the same – and there’s nothing better than knowing you’ve had a positive impact on someone else. Not only will this boost your confidence, but it will also boost theirs!

Networking is easier

If you prefer standing in the background at conferences and network meetings, you’re unlikely to make any valuable connections. So, what was the point in attending at all?

Networking is a crucial part of boosting your career and can help you build relationships with all the right people. By wearing a smile to your next event, you will give a much better first impression. Plus, who knows, it might even give you the confidence to move away from the back wall and into the conversation.

You’ll feel happier

If you can improve your overall happiness, maintaining motivation and a level head while trying to reach your career goals will be much easier. Research shows that those of us who take care of our teeth and oral hygiene are generally happier, and nothing’s more important than your happiness.


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