How Do You Write a 1000 Word Essay In One Hour?

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It is quite hard to compose a good quality paper and that too when you are not a professional writer. You can produce quality words to an extent per day, after that, your mind just shuts down. 

In this article, we will try our best to enlighten you about how you can write a 1000 word essay without compromising the standards. Regardless of how tough your brief is, Ireland assignment help can rescue you. 

Before you start composing your paper, you should keep a check on some safety measures. It might sound like you are about to go to war but it’s not. Whether you are writing an essay or preparing to go on a war, precautions are important, just in case! 

Here is the list of the things, you need to do before you start your essay;

Get rid of the distractions

This is the first and foremost thing to do. If you are not expecting any serious calls or messages, it’s better to switch off your cell phone. And if you need the internet for research, then don’t lose track while working on it. Keep your focus on the focal point. 

Distractions can easily kill time and you would not want that if you are already running out of it. So, it’s better to avoid or get rid of them before you start your essay because you need to focus. Besides, if you don’t put down your phone or close unwanted tabs on your PC, it won’t help. 

Set up your workspace 

Do you know, it’s easy this way. Because if you are sitting or lying on your bed while trying to compose an essay, that won’t help. Therefore; the good idea is to set up your workspace, maintain your posture just so you don’t get lazy in the middle of your task. You need to be attentive if you are looking forward to penning down 1000 words in an hour. 

Clear your mind

This is one of the most essential ones. You need to clear your mind for the next step. Because if your mind is already full, you might not be able to develop an understanding of the subject and topic. If it helps, you can go out for a walk for some time or do some yoga or exercise. Have a fresh glass of juice. Just don’t think of anything else. 

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Understand the topic 

Once you are done clearing your mind, it’s time to understand the topic. Start with checking out the subject. If it’s of your interest, half of your work is done. And if it’s not, don’t worry because humans learn a new thing each day. Read a little background history and then try to understand what question has been asked. Remember, it’s just a beginning or a warm-up. You still gotta do the real work which is writing. Lack of understanding can ruin your work. However, if you already messed up, you can go for a custom writing service because they are everywhere you just name it. Get in touch with them and ask ‘write my essay in Ireland’ or anywhere you reside. 

You need to follow these four tips before you start writing because this will assist you in composing quality words. Once you are done with all the above-mentioned things, let’s start our actual ride;

Set the timer

Many of you may find it a little pressurizing but that is how it should be done exactly. Don’t you want to know, how much time have you spent composing 1000 quality words? It takes an hour for some people to come up with just 100 words. And you need to write 1000. 

Make an outline 

An outline is a big help while writing your paper. You don’t lose track if you have an outline. Create an outline of what you are going to discuss in your essay. This will not only help you but also help the reader to understand your assignment. 

Write your first draft                              

Here comes the first draft. You are allowed to make mistakes in the first draft but that does not mean that it’s necessary. Try not to do that intentionally because as they say, precaution is better than cure. So, the fewer mistakes you make the less workload there would be later on. 

Edit and proofread

If you are up for a secret about writers then here it is. Once you have written your paper, it’s better to keep it aside for some time and relax. Don’t start editing or proofreading it just after you are done writing. Give yourself room to breathe and then go through what you’ve composed. 


Some writers can easily compose 1500 to 2000 quality words in a day while for others it can exceed 3000 or 4000. But the question is if you were able to maintain the quality! Hence, you should never rush. Half of the problems begin when you start panicking. We hope this guide helps you to produce a quality 1000 word essay in an hour without making any major mistakes! 


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