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How to Choose a Mountain Bike – Criteria to Choose


Mountain bikes are super versatile. They can be used to transport products from the market, cycling in the park or world tour. But the main purpose of the mountain bike – is to help the cyclist in overcoming the muddy paths, not necessarily mountainous.

Mountain biking is a great way to reunite with nature. Not every mountain bike can handle the most difficult routes. And as in the case with any other type of bike, each model has its own capabilities. Regardless of what you are going to buy a mountain bike for – riding in the mountains, off-road, downhill or cross-country – a mountain bike must be reliable and able to withstand more than one year of hard use. The bike should help you improve your ride technique and Exercise with Mountain Bikes in Steep Terrain is the best way to explore your adventure.

Before you start choosing a mountain bike in a specialized bicycle shop, clarify for yourself the following questions:

If possible, test a few selected models of mountain bikes. It is very likely that one of them will suit you better than the others.

Determine your riding style.

To choose the right mountain bike, first determine the purpose for which you will use the bicycle and evaluate your cycling technique.

Think over all the details of the upcoming purchase:

What prompted you to buy a mountain bike? Are you an experienced cyclist and you are looking for a variety? Do you need a bike for trips to family picnics and probably will tow a special trailer with a child? Or are you going to just keep fit on local bike routes?

Buyer tip:The basic model of a mountain bike is well suited for business trips, family picnics or for occasional cycling. If you want to move on – drive faster, higher or more difficult, then you have to spend money on higher-quality components.

How good is your physical form:

Is this the type of bike right for you? Are you ready to learn new skills? Or your physical form does not allow you to regularly ride a bike, and you just want to occasionally explore new routes? Or will you use your bike at once for the above two goals?

Advice to the buyer:

If you are active enough and in good physical shape, then you will be equally suitable as a hardtail and a dvuhpodvesny bike. If you suffer from a disease of the joints or your back and prefer a relaxed ride, then most likely in this case, a dual-suspension mountain bike would be best for you.

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Route Difficulty:

The type of route can influence the choice of mountain bike. How wide or narrow, flat or steep, smooth or bumpy will your routes be? Ask an experienced cyclist what type of mountain bike is suitable for your area.

Advice to the buyer:

Hardtail is well suited for routes without steep slopes or for driving on muddy roads. For bumpy, stony or wet roads, take a look at a fully suspended mountain bike or a mountain bike 29 “.



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