Learn how to create a Netflix account without credit cards


The way of watching television has evolved rapidly. Today if we have the Internet, we can watch movies, series, documentaries on a variety of smart devices without having to download content, and this is possible thanks to streaming platforms. If you are one of those who wait for the end to settle to watch TV, then you cannot stop creating an account on Netflix.

Surely you want to know how to create a Netflix account without a credit card? In this post we will detail the step by step so that you join this service without problems and without the need to have an international credit card, call it Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

You can access the most famous series, movies, own productions and even documentaries through the Netflix audiovisual catalog. You only need to have a device connected to the internet, be it your computer, game console, tablet, mobile phone or even Smart TV.

Create a Netflix account

Surely you will ask yourself, how do I sign up for Netflix? Too easy. The first thing is that you access from your computer and enter its official website: www.netflix.com/es

To register on Netflix you must click enjoy a free month. The conditions of this affiliation will appear. Then select see plans. The next page details the three available memberships: basic, standard and premium. Choose the one of your interest.

The basic plan is the simplest and will allow you to access with a single device and you will not be able to watch programs in high definition (HD). The standard allows two screens to be used at the same time in HD. While the premium plan guarantees the use of four devices simultaneously in HD and HD Ultra.


Next, create your account by entering an email and a password. Press continue and you will enter the different payment options that Netflix offers.

Then, proceed to enter all the payment details and with one last click, you will start your Netflix membership.

You can also create your account from your mobile or tablet device by downloading the Netflix app. The first thing is to search for it through the Play Store if your operating system is Android or the App Store on iOS. Proceed to install the app. The rest of the procedure is similar to the previous one.

Now you have a Netflix account, get ready to play movies and TV shows on your smart device of choice.

Pay without credit cards

Certainly, the method of payment par excellence of Netflix is ​​through credit cards with logos of Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover. But it is not the only option available for you to hire this new medium of entertainment.

Netflix offers you the alternative of paying using the PayPal platform. This modality accepts, in turn, bank account or credit card.

If you do not have the above options, you can buy a Netflix gift or prepaid card for sale in waterproof stores, video game stores, supermarkets, etc.

Once you have purchased this card, enter the billing option on Netflix identified as “payment card”, enter the code and the balance will be added to your account automatically.

You can also pay your monthly payment from the app, be it Google Play, App Store or Itunes. Keep in mind that the App Store and Itunes will charge the fee to the local credit card that you have associated with each app.

In some countries, Netflix has billing partners like Movistar so you can pay your rent for the month.

  • Advantages of subscribing to Netflix
  • You can watch Netflix content anytime you want.
  • Television as the only medium for watching movies is a thing of the past. You can see the programming you want from any device with internet access.
  • Most of the content is exclusive. You will not see it on cables, satellites, etc.
  • The image is unlikely to hang.
  • The search engine is very practical and makes it easy for you to choose what you want to see.

Let’s talk about prices

But how much does Netflix cost per month? As you may have already noticed, Netflix offers three types of membership.

You can get the subscription to the basic plan for $8.70. Enjoying a standard package with two connected devices and high definition images will cost you $11.96. While having access to four simultaneous displays, 4K content and HDR video has a monthly fee of $18.49

How to enjoy Netflix for free

Now that it has been said how to create a new user on Netflix, you will be taught how to enjoy your programming, for a limited time completely free.

It is for a period of time, it is not permanent, since Netflix forces you to pay for its content. The idea is that you make sure for yourself how good it is to have this service.

Netflix offers you the option to join their services for free for only 30 days. On your portal you will see the button enjoy for free for a month. Then you must choose the plan that most captures your attention.

That is, Netflix will not be charged until the end of your free month. They will send you a reminder three days before your grace month ends. You can cancel it without obligation when you want.

The service will be free for you as long as you cancel your membership before your trial period ends. You must bear in mind that you can enjoy this benefit only once.

State-of-the-art images

It is worth saying that this streaming video platform continues to rise on the path of evolution. For example, in Mexico they began to implement the beta version of Netflix Ultra with HDR (High Dynamic Range) definition or in Spanish high dynamic range.

This version is only available to some users, since it is in a trial period. The arrival of this new package means that the Premium plan will only maintain the 4K definition. Netflix managers expect subscribers to decide whether or not it’s worth paying a little more for this benefit.

What is HDR definition?

HDR is the latest trend in display technology, allowing images to look much more realistic by reproducing colors more accurately.

This technology makes bright colors stand out and dark colors are truly dark. Logically it provides more vibrant colors than a conventional television and you will see images as if you were before a live scene or in the real world.

But if you do not have a television with HDR technology, it is not recommended that you sign up for the new plan, because you will not notice the difference. And in case you have a state-of-the-art television, keep in mind that there is not much content in HDR yet. So, it would be best to wait a prudent time.


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