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How to Get Spotify Premium for Free

Spotify Premium for Free

If you are looking for how to get a free Spotify premium account we have a solution for you. In this tutorial we will explain how to obtain the premium version for your account. Get to listen to your favorite music without advertising.

Probably the trial days for your Spotify account are over, so you are looking for some way to get the premium version without spending anything. Spotify is the largest app with music content. In this application the best-known artists share their music with everyone. You can also connect from a lot of devices and listen to the music that you want.

The problem with Spotify is that once your trial days are over, the best features are blocked, such as being able to skip music, select from the playlist and obnoxious ads. For you to fully enjoy all the unlocked options it costs you $10.88 per month.

This is why we share a method that works 100% and with which you can get Spotify Premium free forever with all options unlocked and without ads. Keep reading below because we explain it step by step.

How to have Spotify Premium for free?

There are many ways to get Spotify premium free for android and iOS but we will explain a way for you to achieve it.

All you need to do is open our online generator to reset your account and get an indefinite Spotify Premium trial. Our generator is completely legal and super-fast.

All it does is change the date your account was created in the database to an older one so that the trial period on Spotify Premium increases forever.

Get Spotify Premium Free

Is it safe to use the Spotify generator?

We want to make the answer very clear as we have received many related questions.

  • Yes, it is 100% secure and legal, you are only using the trial version that Spotify offers for each new account.
  • Every 3 months the trial period is automatically updated, you can use the application without limits and ads.
  • You can open the generator, it does not ask for any password, you just have to enter the account name.

How to listen to music on Spotify without ads

If you are using the free version of Spotify, you will not be able to listen to music without ads and you will have a lot of limits. What you have to do is use our generator to activate the premium account and be able to enjoy all the advantages that Spotify has in its application.

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If you have the money you can buy the Spotify Premium version to support them, otherwise you can use our generator and activate the premium version for free in just 3 clicks.

Spotify Premium Free 2020

  • Open the online generator to activate Spotify Premium
  • Next, you have to enter the account email
  • Press the “Activate” button
  • Done, now you just have to check that the Premium version works perfectly
  • To enjoy!


This is the best option to get a free Spotify Premium account, we still recommend buying the application if you have enough money.

In this way you are supporting Spotify and your favorite artists contributing to improving the platform.



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