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Tips & Tricks to Upload WhatsApp Status

Upload WhatsApp Status

The status of WhatsApp, Instagram Stories. The immediacy of communication has become essential and allows us to express ourselves more directly and also more fun. Review with us all the tricks for WhatsApp status. Are you getting the most out of it already?

Whatsapp status are, like those of Instagram, one more way to establish emotions and communicate in real-time. The uses we can give them are very diverse, from echoing something to sending some “hint” to a certain person, saying good morning, showing what we are having for dinner, or putting on a song that we like. Even asking for series or movie recommendations to watch.

In short, they are one more tool that, although it has been adding improvements since it appeared, does not yet have far to have as many functions and accessories as Instagram Stories. In this article we summarize the most popular tricks that will help us make the most of WhatsApp status. Surely you already know them, but some of them may still escape you.

Adjust the privacy of Whatsapp status

WhatsApp Status

The first of all is to be clear about how we want to configure the privacy of our WhatsApp status. On the status screen, in the three points in the upper right, the ‘Settings’ menu will allow us to modify all of this.

We can choose to show status updates to all of our contacts, to everyone except selected contacts, or only share our stories with only a few selected contacts from the entire agenda, such as family or best friends. Depending on the publication, we may or may not be interested in being seen by everyone or only a select few.

How to see the status of your contacts without being seen

In the same way, if we want to ‘gossip’ the status of the rest of the people, and that it does not appear that we have seen them, we must enter ‘Settings> Account> Privacy’ and uncheck the box ‘read confirmations’. The only thing to keep in mind is that when checking this option, who will see the status that we publish from that moment on will not appear either.

To avoid seeing the status of a specific person, the trick is to press on the last state that you have published continuously and a pop-up menu will appear on the screen with the option to silence the status of that specific person, so we will no longer see your updates.

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Text and emoticons on demand

Many of the WhatsApp emoticons are available to illustrate the status of WhatsApp, and we can change the color of the emojis that have a yellow face very easily. You just have to slide your finger on the color bar on the right side of the screen to select the color you want to see on the chosen face.

Text and emoticons on demand

Among the list of emoticons we will find the speech bubbles, and thanks to them we will be able to create comic mode ’conversations or add them to an image and make it much more attractive and fruitful. A valuable tool to create our memes.

Text formats: bold, italic and strikethrough

If we need to give a different format to the WhatsApp text status, we have to play with the keyboard and the key combinations. We had already seen it for the chat messages themselves. For example:

  • If we want a text to appear in bold, we must put the text between asterisks.
  • To make it appear in italics, it goes between underscores.
  • If it is crossed out, we will put Tilde (~) in the text, before and after.

Regarding the font of the text, there are several formats available that will be changed if we click on the “T” for editing. When the color palette appears we can change the color of the wallpaper.

Extra content with memes and GIFs

Beyond emoticons, we can locate animated GIFs on websites such as Imgur or Giphy, download them to our mobile phones and add them to the status in the same way as a photograph. For images of all kinds and memes is Pinterest, where there is even a special section for the WhatsApp status themselves.

Music and links to websites in the status of WhatsApp

Music and links to websites

Music in WhatsApp status always gives more vibe. While we wait to be able to add it directly, as we do on Instagram, a formula to be able to do it ‘manually’ is recording on our mobile phone in the state itself, as if we were going to upload a video, while the music is broadcast from another player. Another option is to put it from our phone, leave it playing in the program that is in the background, enter WhatsApp status and give it to record.

To put a YouTube video without having to leave the link, there are applications that we can download like AZ Screen Recorder. The next thing is to go to YouTube, search for the song we want, and, with the application, we will be able to capture a screen with video and music. The video is stored in the phone gallery and from WhatsApp status we can upload it.

How to put links in the WhatsApp status?

If we want to include links to web pages or YouTube videos directly in the WhatsApp status, all we have to do is copy the link and paste it in a text state. Also, the status will appear with a thumbnail of what we are sharing.



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