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How to Make Vintage Christmas Tree Decorations


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Decorating the home for Christmas can be a fun and magical experience for the whole family as rooms come to life with twinkling and laser lights, the smell of pine, and bursts of red and green. This year, try mixing it up a little bit with some vintage Christmas decorations. From mercury glass ornaments to delicate porcelain figures, vintage decorations are a fun way to celebrate Christmas with classic charm. The only problem is that vintage Christmas ornaments and other antique decorations can be quite expensive. Luckily, several simple methods are available for making Christmas tree decorations at home that have a vintage look.

Make New Ornaments Look Vintage

Vintage Christmas ornaments are most commonly glass, and due to the wear and tear put on them through the years, they typically look a little scratched and faded. To get this vintage look without having to waste time running around to various antique stores and paying lots of money, try to make new Christmas ornaments look vintage in just a few simple steps. To do this, gather the necessary supplies.

Materials Amount Required
Glass Ornaments As many as desired
Paper Towels 1 roll
Nail Polish Remover 1 bottle

It is very important that the new Christmas ornaments are made of glass, not plastic. Since the nail polish remover exposes the silver glass beneath, this project also works best on colorful ornaments.

After gathering all of the materials, wet a paper towel with a little nail polish remover, and then use it to blot the glass ornament. Gently dabbing all over the ornament takes away the shiny finish, making the ornament appear dull. Continue dabbing, and the color begins to fade off. Continue this on each ornament until it has the desired effect and vintage glass Christmas ornaments to the crafter’s satisfaction are complete.

Make Vintage Ornament Cut-Outs

Vintage ornaments are very recognizable due to their unique shapes. One of the most common shapes for these ornaments is a top. This do-it-yourself project uses inexpensive artwork cut into vintage-inspired shapes to create unique tree decorations.

Materials Amount Required
Christmas Artwork One print for each ornament desired
String 6 in per ornament
Scissors 1
Marker 1
Hole Punch 1

To make truly vintage-looking ornaments, look for vintage Christmas artwork. Truly vintage artwork is expensive, however, so use the front of vintage holiday cards or inexpensive winter landscapes from a local flea market instead. After finding suitable artwork, use a marker to draw the desired ornament shape on the back. Cut out this shape. If necessary, attach a cardboard backing to make the ornament sturdier. After that, punch a hole in the top, tie on a piece of string, and hang it on the tree.

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Make Vintage Mercury Glass Ornaments

Vintage mercury glass ornaments are among the most iconic vintage Christmas ornaments. Unfortunately, this unique silvered glass is quite expensive to buy first-hand. However, it is inexpensive to recreate. Start by gathering the required materials.

Materials Amount Required
Clean Glass Ornaments As many as desired
Dark Gray Acrylic Paint 2 oz. bottle
Paintbrush 1
Spray Bottle Filled with Water  
Krylon Looking Glass Mirror-Like Spray Paint 6 oz. can

Start by removing the caps from each of the ornaments. For a truly vintage look, paint each of the caps with the gray acrylic paint. Set aside to dry. Lightly spray water inside the glass ornament, then tap ornament upside-down on a towel to remove excess. Shake the can of mirror spray paint, then spray several coats inside the ornament. Always allow paint to completely dry between coats. After reaching the desired effect, leave ornaments sitting upside-down on a paper towel so the excess paint does not pool in the bottom. Reassemble once all pieces are dry.

How to Buy Vintage Ornaments on eBay

It is easy to make your own vintage Christmas tree decorations at home. For those of you that want to decorate your tree with authentic vintage Christmas tree ornaments, however, check out the merchants on eBay. They sell a wide variety of vintage ornaments year-round, making it easy to find the perfect style for your tree at a great price.

Using vintage Christmas decorations on your tree and all around your home can create a warm and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for the holidays. For those that do not already have many vintage ornaments of their own, however, these three crafts are a simple way to make vintage-inspired decorations without spending much money.



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