5 Documentaries for Entrepreneurs about Business and Technology


If you are one of those people who even during their free days like to do something that benefits and enriches them in some way you have to read this post, where we are going to recommend some documentaries for entrepreneurs about business and technology that you will enjoy a lot, and the best is that you can do it from the comfort of your sofa and with super comfortable clothes.

Best documentaries about business and technology for entrepreneurs

It is really impressive how technology and business can relate to each other, and to discover it it is not necessary to go too far, there are several platforms where you can get these amazing documentaries to download them or watch them online.

Some are more interesting than others according to the perspective from where you see it, but all have something very important to contribute to those who see it, especially if they are thinking of launching into the business world from the technology sector.

Next, we leave you the documentaries that we consider to be the best, those that you cannot miss:

1. Terms and Conditions May Apply

In this documentary some documents of which we are accustomed to see about the terms and conditions of various services or platforms are analyzed, the purpose of this documentary is to explain the main reason that virtually no person reads the content of them before accepting them.

The reality is that they are designed in such a way that it is totally and completely overwhelming to do so, as well as confusing and understandable. Throughout this documentary, viewers will be shown everything they are accessing after clicking on the well-known Accept.

It can be considered as another one of those horror stories that are 100% real, without ghosts or ghosts but that undoubtedly give a new perspective on privacy, or rather the lack of it, which exists on the internet, on social networks and in all those applications that we all download on our mobile devices.

2. Banking on Bitcoin

Through this documentary, which is a series of interviews with both cryptocurrency experts and some enthusiastic users, you can feel closely the reality on this subject that has been in full swing for several years. Also about the origin of where the technology that gives life to bitcoin comes, trying in some way to anticipate what its future will be.

It will also show all the evolutionary process that has gone through since its inception and the relevance and importance that it has in the world of economy and business.

3. Alpha Go

Thanks to this documentary, which can be seen on the Netflix platform, it is about the advances that have been achieved so far with respect to Alpha Go, to new artificial intelligence of Google, it has been created to compete with the famous Go games .

You can see in detail all the development he has had since the beginning, including the tests carried out and the final tournaments, where he was able to beat the world champion. It is undoubtedly a story that can make anyone reflect on the possibilities that this type of technology can offer and how important it is for humanity.

4. Take your pills

Here it is clearly explained how the Adderall business in the United States is managed with an interesting sociological portrait of the country. It is a pill that consists of amphetamine and destroanfetamina, which are prescribed as a stimulant for people who have hyperactivity or attention deficit, the problem is that its use has become extremely popular among university students or people working in the world of technology and finance, however, within Europe is completely illegal.

It is obviously a criticism of the social environment in which children are constantly pressured to be better, and this is the perfect drug to get it, if they are not as good as they are required, the only option is to make them change to them.

5. Lo and Bhold: Reveries of the Connected World

This documentary, directed by the filmmaker Wener Herzog, is responsible for analyzing what is the impact that technology has on the lives of humans, showing both positive and negative. It goes back not only to artificial intelligence and robotics, two concepts that have been known for not too many years in a tangible way, but since the arrival of the internet.

Throughout the short film you can see interviews with key figures in the industry, who offer their personal opinion about where humanity is heading.

These documentaries that we have shown you are extremely important if you are thinking of undertaking within the technology, after all you cannot be part of something that you do not fully understand, remember that to have a good business you must know how to handle it.


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