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Looking for Buying a Flat in Calicut? Don’t Miss the Checklist!


Owning a house by the riverside and enjoying the amidst nature in Kerala might have a dream of many people. Buying a home is not only a buying the dream or most wanted property but involves a life-long investment. Isn’t it?

Therefore it is obvious that no one wants a property that creates problems in the future. One must be very careful while investing in the property. To make your job easy, here I am representing a checklist that will make your home buying process easy and smooth and in buying a flat in Calicut.

Consider today’s scenario

When you make a decision to buy a flat, your parents, relatives and other members of your family will have to say. Well, this is not wrong. You should listen to them and consider their advice too. But don’t make the final decision. You should consider several factors like modern designs, tiles, home pattern etc. before buying. Make sure the flat consists of all the modern facilities.


Make sure to have all the original copies of the required documents related to the property. Ask your real estate agent or property seller to provide you the required documents.

Home insurance

Insurance is a must. It meets all your unexpected expenses or loss. In case of theft, fire or any kind of natural calamities, you don’t have to worry. Make sure to have insurance for your home.

Get your home inspection

This may sound costly but it is very beneficial in a long run. Hire a home inspector and get the proper audit of your flat. The professional will analyse interior designing, panting, material quality, legal documents etc., of your flat.

Power and water supply

Ensure that the flat you are going to buy has an adequate water supply. And also there are no issues with the power supply. Voltage fluctuation can damage home appliances.  

These are some checklists that you should take care of while buying a flat in Calicut, Kerala. Mention your thoughts in the comment section below.

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